Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mixed Up Make-Believe

I know I said I would post again tomorrow with more of our Ohio trip but something happened tonight that I absolutely HAD to share with you all. Many of you may recall the "CatNap" Chloe took a couple of weeks ago and her bedtime tantrums and issues we were experiencing at that time. Well, I want you to read the make-believe dialogue between certain "family members" that took place about 30 minutes ago.


Chloe: "Play doll house with me, Mama? Please?"
Me: "Okay Chloe. I will play with you."


Chloe (pointing to the man you see in the picture above): "He's a bad Daddy."

I got a little worried at this. Why was this a "bad Daddy?" What could possibly be going through her little head. Daddy in Iraq? Is she missing him too much? She just talked to him on the phone tonight and everything went well. Oh my little heart hurt to ask the next question.

Me: "Why is he a bad Daddy?"
Chloe: "Because he has work to do." (obviously...because he is sitting before the computer where I put him)

Oh boy. Oh me oh my. Do you know where she got that one??? If I am doing something fairly important and Chloe asks me to play with her my usual response is, "not right now sweetheart. Mama has work to do". Hmmmm.

Chloe (taking the little girl in her hands and talking in her fake voice): "Its NOT night night time." long pause "I go night night in Mama's bed".


The little girl was placed on Mama's bed and I grabbed the "teaching moment" by the horns.

Me (picking up the "good Daddy" -we have two- and talking in my fake male voice): But where will Mama and I sleep?"
Chloe: "In your bed."
Me: "But you are in our bed and we can't fit with you in it."
Chloe (picking up the Mama and placing her on the couch): "You sleep on the couch!!!"


Me: "But Mama and Daddy want to sleep together. Mama's and Daddy's sleep together in the same bed."
Chloe: "No. You sleep on the couch."


The teaching moment seemed lost. At least for the next 5 minutes until I caught Chloe doing this...

Chloe: "Okay. I go night night by myself".


Chloe: "Night Night. Sweet dreams, princess." And then she kissed her "baby" good night.

Ahhhhh...maybe something is finally sinking in. I have to share with you that since we arrived home from Ohio last Friday evening Chloe has spent every single night going to bed without a fuss or a tantrum or any shedding of any tears. I am so very pleased and happy and excited and full of peace. Thank you to all of you who prayed for us during that trying time. We appreciate it very much. Good night everyone! Have a blessed night.


Lady_MSnow said...

It's amazing what children pick up on. I am so happy that Chloe is going to sleep more easily for you now. Maybe I will have to get a copy of the Messiah for you. :D

Crochetingangel said...

So glad to hear that things on this have worked out for you, it is a very hard thing to work through. I still every now and again have issues with Jenna and she is 6. Sometimes if I get her up to her own bed I will wake up to her sleeping on the floor next to our bed with her sleeping bag and pillow all snuggled up. It's just a matter of staying on it and consistancy. It's so hard to look into their little faces and not want to snuggle up with them.