Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I think I shall mention the unmentionables I made today. I am so excited to show these to you. When I found this particular pattern last Friday at Joanns, I knew I would be falling off the fabric diet wagon. I fell hard too. But I am climbing back on tonight. Lookie what happened when I fell off!


Aren't they the most darling things you ever did see? Its time for Chloe to start wearing bloomers/panty covers under her dresses, especially with her now attending Awanas with a mess of other children (which includes little boys) and running around wild. These bloomers came from McCalls pattern 4505 which also includes some longer bloomers, a petticoat, two slips and two camisoles. Oh boy...Chloe will have plenty of unmentionables this winter!

I have to say that I am very pleased with this pattern. I learned quite a bit by the detailing it had me do. I finished off seams with a zigzag stitch. How cool is that? I think I will do that more often now. Time consuming but oh...those seams look so good. I also learned that I can double stitch a seam and then trim it and wowsers! It looks even better. I would say it looks fantastic. I gotta do this more often.

So, I finished that winter coat I showed you last week. Chloe insisted on posing for the camera. I told her she could pose as long as she wore the coat. (a little bribery never hurt nothing)



I had plenty of time left over so I thought I would start a new dress for myself. Well, knock me silly but I was able to complete the dress tonight as well.


Okay. So here's the story. I bought a bunch *ahem* some fabric while visiting my mother. (She enticed me to do it by saying I could use her sewing machine. It wasn't until later I found out her sewing machine was acting cranky and I can't abide cranky sewing machines so, needless to say, I didn't do any sewing at my mother's this summer.) I figured the fabric I bought while visiting my mother didn't count against my fabric stash diet since I wasn't home and couldn't use the fabric in my stash, which I would have if I had been home. Again I find it needless to say that every scrap of fabric purchased this summer made it home into my stash. The above fabric came from those beginnings.

Anyways, I fell in love with the fabric when I saw it in the store. Pink. Trendy. Cute. Flowers. Who wouldn't love such beauty? I had second thoughts about halfway through sewing the dress though. I tried it on and looked in the mirror and thought, "uggg!!!". Really. I think I may have even said it out loud. "UGGGG". I turned this way and that way and sized myself up and down and thought, "hopefully this will look better when its done because right about now I don't like it one bit." And guess what! Its not every day that a hope like that comes true but today it just so happened that I fell in love with the dress after I finished it. All that it needs now is a little maroon colored sweater. I wonder....

I am off to bed now. Tomorrow is WIP Wednesday and I plan to work on my knitted afghan. Good night everyone. Have a splendid sleep!


Ashlie said...

Oh, Anna! I love this dress! It looks beautiful on you! Great job! And Chloe's coat is AMAZING! Looks just like it came out of a catalogue!

Lady_MSnow said...

I have that same pattern that you used for the unmentionables for Chloe...just need to get busy making some for Elisabeth now. Hmmm...I better get started. :D

Kisha said...

that came out really cute. I love it.

Sue said...

I love the dress. What pattern did you use?