Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Neat Little Trick

Coming soon to my crocheting workstation....

I would LOVE to have this neat little yarn meter. The price of which sends me into choking and chortling and bodily spasms. ($49.99, by the way) BUT, regardless, I almost bought the thing. Yup. ALMOST. You see, I really wanted it and I believe it could really help me write better patterns, until I saw this blog post somewhere. (not a blog I read but just something that came up in google while I was searching for a cheaper meter) Then I came across this variation on a different blog. I shared the links with James and he says he can make me one.

Oh boy!!! I'm gonna get me one of those...and I don't have to pay $50 bucks for it. HOORAY! So, soon...very shall see a blog post on my own blog with my very own yarn meter. (I might not have the patience to wait for James to build me one and buy it myself. I don't know)

Speaking of the guy...guess who's home!!! That's right. James arrived home last Saturday evening. That could be part of the reason I have been absent for so long from my blogging. (or ALL of the reason) Anyways, I will have to photograph what I made to welcome him home. I will give you a clue. Its something small and I wear it and...can you guess? Its PINK! (and silver) Ta-ta for now. I'll be back soon. I've got some work to do.


Ashlie said...

Yay for James being home! I thought that might be where you were! The yarn meter idea is fascinating...if you can't wait for James to do it, I bet you could do it yourself! Can't wait to see what you made for his homecoming!

Pam said...

Dear Anna, thank you. With all of my being, thank you. My mother-in-law passed away in May, and we spent all of our free time for the next month cleaning out her home. Most of her belongings are still stacked in boxes in my home. Before we were finished with that, my husband began a remodeling project which forced us to cram most of our furniture in our kitchen/dining room. Shortly after he started this, he became ill (and is still ill) so the work of this remodeling fell to my shoulders - on top of working a full time job, and raising our two children, and trying to keep clean clothes on everyone. So for the past several months, my focus has not been on house work. Once the remodeling was done, I looked at the disarray in my home, knowing I would get no help to put it back in order. I was so exhausted by this point that I began to resent my husband for being ill, and then to even resent my children's demands on my time. I had reached the end of my tether. Then just a few days ago, I stumbled on your blog while "googling" an entirely different subject. I began reading, and continued to read because I saw so many things we have in common. As I read, I felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders. Through your blog, Flylady, and a couple of your "blog friends" I have found such inspiration and energy. I've gotten more accomplished in my home in the past few days than I have in weeks. I still have a long way to go, but I get closer to my goal each day. Don't ever wonder if your blog is helpful. I believe God led me to you, and through you answered a prayer that I didn't even know I made. So thank you, dear, dear Anna.