Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hair Clippies

I love hair clippies. I love ribbons and bows and curls and BIG hair clippies. But can I find BIG hair clippes in the stores? Nope. I have been keeping an eye out since Chloe was born for perfect hair clippies and no such luck. The only ones I can find are for babies and clearly are not big enough. My little girl needs giant ribbons in her hair. Big, pink...BOWS! (and it would be nice if they actually matched her dresses)

I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. I bought a package of metal clips, some ribbon and embellishments. Out came the hot glue gun and away I went.




And these last purple bows will be the prize for our little paint color contest, the winner of which will be announced TOMORROW!!! Keep those guesses coming, ya'll. What color do you think Chloe picked for her bedroom walls?

So, now that inspiration has struck I will most likly be making a TON of these custom hair clippies in the near future (after the room switcheroo is complete, of course.)


Anonymous said...

Too cute! I tried to make them to sell once, but they were too time consuming *for me* to make any profit. LOVE the corkers!!!! So is her room pink? Hazel would pickpink.... (((((HUGS)))) sandi

Lis said...

haha! Oh Anna, I have many times thought the exact same thing about clips! In September I found a DIY website with clip and barrette embellishment ideas and went to town with pretty feathers and buttons and ribbons! It's so much fun! :-)

LadySnow said...

Those bows are so cute, but you know...Pink for her room is my first guess, but I also think that it could be purple/lavender but Pink is my first instinct

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! my mama used to put Tonette perms in my hair (I was born in 1953) and I had all kinds of bows and clips.

Anna said...

Oh lis, please do share that website, if you can. I would LOVE some ideas! (of course, I could always google it, if I weren't so lazy...)