Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Revising and Renewing

So, you may all be wondering "what on earth happened to Anna lately?" and you aren't far off. I've not been blogging, that much is apparant. But what have I been doing? As you may recall, we've been doing alot of thinking lately regarding my business and where I would like it to go from here. One thing that has troubled me lately is the lack of integrity in my patterns. When I first started out designing and writing patterns, I experimented quite a bit in layout and design of the actual pattern. I also didn't know as much as I do now regarding things like yarn amounts for each item in the pattern and all that jazz. So what I have now is a modge-podge of patterns with no consistancy between them. A customer won't get a good taste for my style when buying one pattern because the style changes so drastically between them.

Well, this past week, I have been working hard to re-format my patterns so they are all the same. The layouts will all be the same, the style will all be the same. Everything will be the same. From font size to underlined areas to spacing between paragraphs. I am also locking the pdf files so people can't copy and paste or edit the patterns. (why I didn't think of this before, I don't know)

Now, this is not all that I would like to do. Its all I am doing at the moment, but in the near future I will be doing things like adding more photographs, adding adjusted (more accurate) yarn amounts and even adding a watermark to the patterns.

I will be changing something sort of major on my website this week. That is, my free pattern will no longer be printed on an actual webpage. I will be uploading my pdf forms of the free patterns into a file and linking to them from the freebie page. much work and so little time!! But it will be worth it, I think. I hope. I'll let you know...if I don't kill myself first. (just kidding...its not that hard. Really.)

Anyways, I have much to do so I had better get off my bloggy behind and get back to work. (where I have a nice cup of Ginger Peach tea waiting for me) Have a great day everyone!

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LadySnow said...

can't wait to see what all you have done. :D