Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Cross


There are many times when I feel that Chloe just doesn't get it. She takes little interest in Jesus or hearing his stories. She would rather sit down and quietly listen about the train that thought he could than about Jesus. But I press on, knowing that someday these things will resonate in her little heart and she will place her trust in Jesus.

But in the meantime, I wait for little moments like today that let me know I am on the right path. Chloe saw the gingerbread house parts on the kitchen table where I left them last night after baking them before bed. I had a bit of leftover dough so I made a few little trees and gingerbread men to accompany our house (which we will decorate on Christmas.) In addition to the traditional gingerbread house items, I cut out a simple cross. Why not?

Chloe oohh-ed and ahhh-ed when she saw the parts and asked "what's this, Mama?" "Our gingerbread house, sweetie," I replied.

Then she saw the cross.

And it was at this moment I turned from the kitchen counter with her bowl of cheerios and saw the expressions in her face as she pointed to the cross and said (in a sad voice), "Mama! Jesus died." "Yes, he did." I replied. And then her face lit up with delight and she said, "Jesus waked up from the died." I smiled, "Yes, He did sweetheart. Yes, He did."


LadySnow said...

It's so wonderful when they have those moments isn't it? :-)

Nancy said...

What a precious moment. Keep at it, Anna, and the Lord will bless it.
Nancy Paulson