Monday, December 22, 2008

New Morning Routine

Sometime you just have to let go of things. I tend to hold on too tightly to preconceived notions that I feel MUST be upheld for whatever reasons and all too often they are the very detriment of my sanity. I need to let go.

One such area that I have allowed a bit more lenience in is our morning routine. Ever since Chloe was 2 months old I have maintained that after breakfast is her "alone time" and my cleaning time. It grew into an hour...a full hour of time for me to scrub the toilet, check emails or declutter the junk drawer.

Well, about a month ago, this all changed. Chloe begged and begged for me to sit with her on the couch while I drank my cup of joe. After a couple days of this begging, I finally gave in. "Okay", I thought. "I can sit with my daughter for a few minutes." And I did.

Boy! What a difference those few extra minutes with Chloe makes. She actually ENJOYS going to her room now. Fancy that! We began our morning ritual first with Mr Potato Man. We took turns making the silliest faces we could. This past week we've been playing a new game. It begins exactly like this...

(Chloe telling me how the story goes) "I be Mickey. You be Minnie. Mickey be mad. Minnie cry. Its okay Minnie. Don't cry. I get you special animals. Special animals? Wooo Hooo! Minnie happy. I bake birthday cake."

And then we act out the above. The funniest is her sing-song voice when she says the "special animals? woo hoo!" part. It gets me everytime. After we eat the cake (and Minnie burns her nose while blowing out the candles) we line up all the animals that she has carried in her arms downstairs from her bedroom onto the couch and we take turns putting on a puppet show for them.


Its not neccessarily a bad thing to follow a child's promptings sometimes. I have found that at times, it is actually better for both of us if I let go of all the things I have to do and just spend some time laughing with her. We both are better able to face our day that way. So, I wonder what she will add to our routine tomorrow?

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LadySnow said...

Sounds like great fun. :D