Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Operation Christmas Child

Last week dawned bright and early. Approx. 5:25 am Monday morning.


Karen and Kevin arrived to our house at 5:50 am to load the car and begin the journey "south" for a week of fun and relaxation and turkey (although I am not sure which one of us accomplished the relaxation part...most likely Chloe.) And Karen looked awful chipper for 5:50 in the morning, don't you think?


As if showing up at my house at 5:50 in the morning AND being chipper weren't enough, Miss Karen took on the role of evil auntie the entire trip. Listen to one of the conversations that took place on the car ride down. (and just so you all know, Chloe woke up in the middle of the night sick so James and I both got approx. 2 hours of sleep the entire night)

Chloe: "cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle, SNORT."
Me: "You okay, sweetheart?"
Chloe: "ya. I okay Mama."
Me (muttering to myself): "I wish there were a way to teach a three year old how to blow their nose out instead of in."
Karen (excited voice): "Hey! I could teach her to blow snot bubbles!"

And that is my dear friend Karen. What can I say?

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Operation Christmas Child warehouse where they inspect the filled shoeboxes and prep them for shipment to children overseas. Oh! What a neat place this was and how cool we felt to be a part of the whole experience. Here are some photos of our time in the warehouse.




The boxes we inspected and packed were being shipped to the Dominican Republic. I found it very interesting to see what sort of things they wanted taken out of and left in the boxes. Chocolate has to be taken out. And can you believe they wouldn't let us taste a bit of it? Nope. It all goes in a bucket to be donated to local charities. Breakables had to be removed. Liquids like shampoos, lotions and such, removed. Medicine, including vitamins had to be removed. We then filled the boxes back up with filler items and then sent them on their way. It was so much fun. (I still think they should have let us sample the chocolate...do you know how hard it is to pass up a bag of M&M's??? Let alone 10 of them?)

I am off for a day of Christmas shopping. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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LadySnow said...

Too bad you couldn't taste the chocolate. :D