Monday, January 19, 2009

Duct Tape, Zip Ties and a Jump Rope

What do those three things have in common? I am so glad you asked. Our story begins just a few, short months ago.

Chloe saw a jump rope at her cousin's house and watched as the two older girls (her cousins) jumped and twirled and just basically used the jump rope for all sorts of playtime activities. She desperately wanted one.

Every time we entered a store after that, I listened to her ask, beg and plead with me to buy her a jump rope. If I even mentioned we were heading to a store she would immediately say, "to get my jump rope."

Chloe is a bit young for a jump rope, right?

Well, after hearing about jump ropes for 2 months, I finally decided that we would get dear Chloe her beloved jump rope for Christmas. I knew I had seen them all year long at the dollar store so it wouldn't be that hard to get one and put it in her stocking.


No one had them any more. NO ONE! We searched and searched for about 2 weeks in every single store we entered. Finally, we found an aerobics jump rope next to the exercise balls in Walmart and after a quick decision on the part of my husband, we walked out of the store with a jump rope for Chloe. A very nice jump rope, I might add.

Now this particular jump rope was originally intended for an adult so we had to make some slight modifications to its size. This is where the zip ties and duct tape came in. And, with a little ingenuity, we now have a jump rope the perfect size for a three year old.



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Crochetingangel said...

Too cute, love the pic of Chloe with her jump rope. What a great idea, we run into these kind of problems with jump ropes either being too short or too long. Will have to keep this in mind and get the longer ones.