Thursday, January 29, 2009

Olivia the Sock Puppet

This morning, while I sat on the floor entertaining Barbie, Chloe pointed at my foot and exclaimed, "Mama! What's that?"

She saw the hole.

Yes, there was a hole in the bottom of my sock. Ugggg. Another pair bites the dust. Off came sock one which landed in the garbage can. Off came sock two...and as sock two was launched into space, it hit me. Waste not, Want not. Oh boy. What can I do with a sock.

Then it hit me as I retrieved both socks from the garbage can. Puppets!!! So, I got out my supplies and created Olivia.



Olivia is a tad bit shy, but once you give her some attention she comes to life and is actually one of the most vibrant personalities you could ever meet. She loves singing and looking at photo albums.

Now I gotta figure out what to do with the second sock (the one with the hole.) I am thinking it might make a nice Barbie coat, complete with pre-fab cables.


LadySnow said...

Very cute. :-)

cottoncolors said...

These sock puppets have so much personality! So cute!

Jo Hoffacker said...

Too cute! I pair up socks which have lost their mates even if they don't match. It gives people something to look at besides the weight I'm trying to lose. :)

Anna said...

LOL. Thank you Jo. giggle giggle. I don't think I have the courage though...I already get enough weird looks with how I dress. lol. (tennis shoes with skirts and bobby socks and all) I have to say though, that is a very good idea.

Anonymous said...

Anna, this is just the cutest thing!