Monday, January 26, 2009

Tweet Tweet Twitter

WARNING: This post is NOT about birds. (Although I miss them immensely and wish spring would appear already, but thats totally beside the point.)

No. This post actually imparts my newfound love for twittering. You see...until last week, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the "cool" internet places to be. I never really got into the MySpace thing because it seemed to teeny-bopperish to me. I figured I was doing pretty good building and maintaining a website, a forum, and even have a facebook account. I have software to edit photos, software to build a website and software to create pdf files. (and I know the basics to get done what I need done with all that software too) We even have a CELL PHONE! (which I always said I would never need but am finding notably helpful as we try to sell our house) I also know how to text message on said cell phone...not very quickly albeit, but I manage. Pretty good, eh?

Well, this last week I found myself gawking in amazement at the internet gadgets I previously possessed no clue about, neither had I heard of. Did you know Etsy has forums? Until last week, I didn't. Did you also know that Etsy has chat rooms? Until last week, I didn't. I entered my first chat room yesterday. I found that these forums and chats actually help connect with other members on Etsy and get my name out there. Its a marketing tool as well as a way to connect with other sellers/businesses and garner ideas, help, and information regarding selling on Etsy and other venues.

The biggest find for me occured this weekend. Twitter. Yup. Twitter. With all my internet knowledge (or lack therof, apparently) I never knew Twitter existed. It is like a blog and a chat and an instant message all rolled into one gadget. So, I am now twittering. Come join me on Twitter to see my life in between blog posts. Its pretty cool, if you ask me.

My brain can handle no more information though. If I cogitate one more iota of new gadgetry this week, I am afraid the poor thing will implode. I am off now to dress and head to the store to pick up some yarn (and hope that my brain can handle the decision of which yarn to purchase.) Have a wonderful day all day long.

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