Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where is Daddy's Opinion?

Last night, we lounged around the dinner table a bit after we finished our fajitas, just chatting and enjoying the quietness of family life when I thought I could use a second opinion on those pictures I took yesterday of my new tea cozy set. I asked James if I could have his opinion on something.

Chloe immediately piped up, "I get it Mama! I get Daddy's 'pinion."

She raced into the living room and started for the stairs. "Where are you going sweetheart?", I asked. "To get Daddy's 'pinion," she promptly replied, heading up the stairs.

I knew if she found it, I would want to have it on camera because who has ever seen someone's opinion before? It truly is a rare thing to catch on film. So, I grabbed my camera and sat at the table...waiting...

Sadly, she called down a few minutes later from the top of the stairs, "I can't find it Mama. I can't find Daddy's 'pinion." I replied, "That's okay, sweetheart. We'll find it later."

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