Friday, February 27, 2009

Etsy Find Friday

BUBBLES! Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles. I searched for the term bubbles and found some really cute things this week. Check them out. (click pictures to see listings)

Monkey Burst My Bubble Lampshade by BoopsyDoodleBoutique


Two Baby Rabbits in a Teacup Original Watercolor by Artwolf


Bubble Pincushion by MoonLightSally


Aqua Bubbles Tote by TopShelfTotes


Bubble Gum Cupcake by Bearysweetbeads


Silver Wire Bubble Set by inharmonee


And I just have to show you this last find. PINK SHOES! How adorable are these?

Bubble Gum Pink Linen Flats by bittychouchou


The reason I picked the term "bubbles" is because little Chloe has been asking me every single day for the past month if we could go outside and blow bubbles. After a few days of me telling her "No, sweetie. Its too cold to blow bubbles." she finally started asking the questions differently.

"Mama? Can you put on my coat and hat and mittens and tights and boots and go outside with me and blow bubbles?"

I think the poor dear is ready for spring and warmer weather. Anyways, with bubbles on the brain its no wonder it was my top search term for the week. Have a wonderful afternoon and evening everyone.


Liz said...

ADORABLE blog and thank you so much for turning me on to these Etsy shops I haven't seen before. Bitty chou chou has adorable shoes!!

Elizabeth said...

HI Anna, I just ordered a pattern from you crochet site. I can't wait to make it. :-) I think we have a lot in common...I am a 31 yr old 1st time mom to a little girl (2 in April) and also a military wife (air force) & Christian!!! AND...of course, i LOVE to crochet! Check out my blog and look under "crochet" and you'll see my latest pattern for "moms". :-) i'd love to have a pattern shop like you someday...but not sure if I could manage????

anyway, look forward to receiving that pattern. we are taking a long trip starting tomorrow. :-)

Brenda said...

Love your pictures and blog.