Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Change of Plans

If you were around last year about this time, you may recall that I mentioned my idea for Chloe's birthday party this year. That plan was a dress up party and I spent the entire year searching thrift stores and yard sales for perfect ensembles for boys and girls to play with.

Well, about two months ago, Chloe and I sat on the floor playing Candyland and the game board proved more than I could handle. As I searched the cupboards for M&M's or gumdrops or any candy for my sugar fix, the notion struck me. Let's have a Candyland Party! And who wouldn't love a Candyland party?

So, I asked Chloe which she would rather have...a dress up party or a Candyland Party with a candyland cake and lots of candy. You can imagine her response.

Now I am working on setting up our entire main floor as a lifesize version of the game...complete with giant candy. Check it out.


Giant Lollipops!


Giant Candies!


And that is only the beginning of our candy filled plans. I will have more to show you as we get closer to the big day. (which is only 3 days away!!!!)


Anonymous said...

That is really cool. What a neat idea. I may have to borrow it in a few years.

Pam said...

What a great idea! You are so creative...Chloe is going to be one lucky birthday girl! Not to mention best dressed in that beautiful dress you made for her.

Lisa said...

How very inspired of you! Can't wait to see pictures of the grand day!

Lucy Casey-Lewis said...

How did you make the lollipops?

Lucy Casey-Lewis said...

Beautiful... How did you make the lollipops if I may ask?

Anna said...

Hi Lucy. I layered a dowel rod between two Styrofoam plates and then tied tissue paper around the entire thing and tied it with curling ribbon. It was so easy and fun.