Thursday, March 19, 2009

Creative Painting

The other night we sat down to watch Lebron James play a little basketball and I wasn't quite in the mood to just sit and watch a bunch of sweaty men running back and forth. So...I decluttered a few books from the bookshelf. I picked up 1001 Things to do With Your Kids by Caryl Waller Kruegar and was about to drop it in the discard pile when I thought "hmmm...maybe I should read this book." And so I sat back down on the couch and began thumbing through it.

I learned a couple of things in perusing this book. One phrase in the prologue says, "These are things to do with your child, not things to do to your child or for your child or things to get a child out of your hair." I realized upon reading this that I do those very things quite often. Like the paint easel I bought for Chloe. I gather the supplies, set it up, dress her smartly in a smock and then let her go at it herself so I can have a few extra minutes of computer time or get the floor swept in peace. Well, is it any wonder that she paints a few dabs on the page and says she's done?

She needs a little guidance.

So, I thought I would sit down with her and "teach" her to be creative in her painting. Here is what we came up with. First, I asked her what she would like to paint. "A cow" was the response. Okay. So, we need a body. At first I had to help her by drawing a circle to get her started. Once we got that down, she ran with it.


I helped her out by asking prodding questions like, " what else does a cow have?" "A head," she replied and painted the head. She decided to put feet on her cow. Then she added a "dot" (she has a fascination with dots.) The cow felt hungry so she added grass for him to eat. Then she placed a fish in the grass with some toys above the fish. I asked her what else a cow should have...maybe some ears? "No. This cow doesn't have ears," she replied. But then she growled and madly smudged some paint on the tail. "That's a monster," she informed me. "He's eating the cow." Then she dabbed some blue paint on the cow's head and said it was an "ouwie". She took some yellow paint and "fixed the ouwie...he feels better now."

Next she wanted to make a purple pig.


Again, we have the monster eating the tail theme. We have a fly in the grass and toys floating in the sky. Note that the pig also has an "ouwie" that got fixed.

And we have another cow painting. But this one is not your ordinary cow. Nope. This is a doctor cow. His name is Dr. Brown.


Dr. Browns ouwie didn't get fixed though. This painting also includes a tree and a blue "shiny" sun.

Chloe decided at that point to paint something outside of the animal world. Our house.


The blue window in the middle of the house is Chloe's bedroom. The yellow thing in the center of the house is my sewing table. We have a door with stairs. The green blob is the bathroom and the blue on the other side is my bedroom.

We had so much fun painting these pictures. And it lasted for over an house instead of less than five minutes. I am thinking that today we will do something with macaroni noodles and rice. Have a creative day everyone!


LadySnow said...

Looks like she had a wonderful time painting. :-)

Anonymous said...

That's looks like fun, and a good lesson I need to learn. Love the cows!

Anonymous said...

This is too cute! and are you KIDDING? Chloe had another birthday already? What a great bash! Now, I'm ESPECIALLY in love with that T-shirt rug~TOO COOL! Oh~and I would SO LOVE a pottery date! I had so much FUN catching up today!