Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet Lindsay

Lindsay is one my closest friends. She spends mass amounts of quality time with me and follows me around each and every day. She loves me...what can I say?

Linsday is a princess. A princess who loves chocolate and diamonds and purses.

Not only that, but Lindsay is a brat. (Sorry sweetie but its the truth.) I only met Lindsay the other day. Can you believe that? She has lived with me for so long and I never realized it. But golly if that girl isn't a brat! Let me tell you the sorts of things Lindsay does.

Every evening, at bedtime, when I take off my clothes Lindsay drops them on the floor by my closet door. Just inside the door sits my dirty clothes hamper. Do you think she will put them into the hamper? Nope. She just leaves them on the floor.

Lindsay eats chocolate all day long. And cookies. And sweets. (She LOVES candy corn and caramels...oh and M&M's) Lindsay can eat a whole chocolate cake by herself in about two days. (that would translate into 24 hours if you are so inclined to look at it that way)

Lindsay prefers to lounge in her pajamas all day long. She hates scrubbing out the bathtub and she constantly forgets my husband's clothes in the washing machine. (it gets pretty bad around here when its his military uniform that was forgotten for a week and he searches for it only to find it has a funky smell about it.) Lindsay doesn't wear shoes. Lindsay loves to cook and leave the spaghetti sauce splatters all over the stovetop. Lindsay will look at a pile of dishes in the sink and then plop herself down on the couch to browse the internet without even giving the dishes a second thought.

See what I mean? A total brat. Very un-princessey.

So Flylady is helping me to teach Lindsay the art of being a true princess. You see...Lindsay needs to be talked to as a 5 year old child. That is her mentality, after all. So when Lindsay looks at that pile of dishes and heads to the couch, I just simply state to her, "Now, Lindsay. You know you must wash those dishes sweetie. They have to get done. And better now than later, hon. You will regret it in the morning if you don't. And hey! If you wash the dishes...I will let you spend 15 minutes browsing Etsy to your heart's content."

She likes that. She is, after all, royalty and royalty loves to be treated kindly. So, I am in the process of breaking her bad habits and really loving on her. She won't be a brat for long. (and I think James will appreciate the absence of some of her negative comments too)

Lindsay and I have worked hard this morning. We completed our morning routine, showered and dressed to our shoes (Yes...Lindsay put on shoes today) and even dressed Chloe. The house is picked up and we are now getting ready to spend the rest of the morning crocheting a shrug. I will have to show you this later. I had a custom order come through for my Thanksgiving Harvest Ensemble in a size 6 so I have been working on it all week long. Anyways, I hope you all have a blessed day. Ta-ta for now.


Pam said...

Lindsay reminds me of someone I know quite well. My little friend likes to eat way too much chocolate and watch way too much television and is very easily distracted by shiny objects! Good luck with Lindsay's lessons!

Anonymous said...

I think Lindsey lives at my house too. I'm supposed to be making a cake from scratch for literacy night tonight, but I can't seem to get up and do anything. I don't want to, I feel wiped out this morning. Wiped out, worn out, and tired. The cake is for a bake sale, and there is a program at the school. I know this sounds bad, but I just don't want to go anywhere or do anything. Just 1 day, I'd like to have for myself. So I completely understand Lindsey. lol. Mabey your Lindsey and my Lindsey are cousins. Hope you get to feeling better soon. :)

Anna said...

Oh I understand completely Sarah. My Linsday is completely lazy. Just sheer, plain and utterly lazy. I am working with her though and giving her plenty of breaks and encouragement. She loves encouragement like saying "Wooo Hooo! Go Me!" (she LOVES that) Or even saying, "You did a fantastic job dusting that ceiling fan." Yup. Linsday (or any inner brat) loves a little bit of encouragement for a completed task.

Anonymous said...

I know right? Sometimes people expect to much of Lindsey, she's a person, not Wonderwoman, though I do wish my waist was as small as Wonderwomans! lol. We can cheer our Lindsey's on together. Yay!! Have a Beautiful Day! If someone complains about you, stick out your tounge and laugh. Mabey they are juct complaining because they have a Lindsey too, though if it is a man complaining, his may be a Lindon. lol :)