Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Pottery Date

Wow. Know what I learned this weekend? Painting is "artsy". Know what else I learned? James doesn't like "artsy".

Okay. So I kinda figured that my sports watching husband wouldn't sit around crocheting lace doilies with me, but I didn't realize that painting pottery would be considered the same genre. I mean, I can't paint, after all. I love painting...walls. I lack a steady hand for fine, detail painting but I do love to paint. I also kinda figured it was easy. Just dab some paint on a cup. How hard could that be, right?

Needless to say, James was a little less than enthused when it came for my date. He did it though and I am proud of him. He did it to make me happy. He did it because I find things like that romantic.



So another thing I learned during this date? It is perfectly okay for me to ask to do things I enjoy when it comes my turn to pick dates. I have this bad habit of asking James what he would like to do. Wanna know what he picks? Movies. Then when its his turn to pick the date, can you guess what he picks? Movies. So, I never get to do the things I think are romantic. Well no more...I tell more. When its my turn, he will just have to suffer through it with a grin. And I can tell you that I have some pretty cool ideas for dates in the future. (some of which he may even enjoy)

I am off now to finish planning the weeks menu, cook lunch (if you consider peanut butter and honey sandwiches cooking) and then sew some gingerbread beanbags. You will have to wait and see what those will be for later today. Its gonna be cool.

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