Friday, April 17, 2009

Black Gold

My mother recommended a book to me and I immediately ordered it from my local library. After a couple of weeks, it was ready for me to pick up. What a book! Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza.

While I love the idea of this book, I am saddened by the fact that I probably won't be able to have a huge vegetable garden this year. Alas, the house is still on the market with only 6 showings since the beginning of January. Not the best time to be selling a house, let me tell you. And since we have no idea when we will receive an offer (could be tomorrow or in 3 months) I cannot allow myself to spend loads of money and time in a garden that the next owners will more than likely mow over and turn to sod. Nope. I can't bear the thought. I will, however, try this method on a much smaller scale. A flowerpot scale to be precise.

My first exercise was to start a compost. Now, mind you, I still cannot do this on the larger scale I would like to but I can do a little bit. I started keeping a plastic bowl on my counter to put my kitchen scraps in. I then put all these scraps (think vegetable peels, old veggies, coffee grounds, tea leaves...and the like) into my blender and wa-la...instant compost that is already broken down. It really looked like black gold. Instead of waiting a year for the process to break down my kitchen scraps, I did it myself in the blender. This also provides me with more space since I don't have room for a proper compost heap.



I poured it on my garden which I have yet to mulch and presto! Organic gardening. I realize now that every little bit we do helps. Even if you can't have a huge garden, you can do something organic. Do you have a flowerpot with something in it? Blend up your kitchen scraps for your own compost. Remember, every little bit helps. (and it is so much harder for those scraps to break down in the landfills they are going to)

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Christine said...

I love the book Lasagna Gardening! I love your black gold! ;)