Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dr. Chloe

Chloe plays doctor all the time now. Its her newest favorite thing to do. I taught it to her one day with her dolls because I was tired of the samo-samo. (you know...clothes on the doll, clothes off the doll, Mama...can you put the clothes back on the doll, clothes off the doll.)

So, now she insists that something is wrong with me whenever she feels like being a doctor. I, of course, am the only one that knows what is wrong with me...most of the time. This morning (out of the blue) she tenderly looked at me and gently said, "I'm a doctor Mama. What's wrong with you?"

"Uhhhhh...My tummy hurts."

"I fix it Mama!" she promptly replied.

She opened my robe and started patting my belly.

"I need a wrench, please" she said. I handed her a wrench. After about a minute, her eyes widened and she pronounced, "The batteries died. I need new batteries."

I gave her new batteries. She took the old ones and threw them on the floor and inserted new ones. She then asked for a hammer and began pounding her fist on my belly. "All better!" she announced. Ahhhhh....I love this kid.


LadySnow said...

Too sounds like it would have been so funny to see. :-)

Anonymous said...

wow a wrench to fix a tummy that's so cute. I love Chole!