Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sparking Lightbulbs

Most often, my dirty lightbulb flickers and fades to black when the lightswitch is flipped. Not so last week. Someone flipped the switch and that lightbulb upstairs shone brighter than it has in years. I could see clearly what I should have seen 7 years ago. Yes, it only took me 7 years to "get it".

"What did you get?" you ask?

It seems to silly to me now. I can't believe it took me 7 years to grasp such a simple concept. Let me explain.

According to Flylady, I am what you would classify as a BO. (born organized) On any given day you can enter my home and it will, for the most part, be clean. Most people would take one look at my home and think, "why does she even need flylady?" Well, I like her. I like what she says and I like routines, for the most part.

But what I realized last week was that the routines are not what flylady is all about. I could have all the routines in place and exhibit a model home at any given moment of the day, but still not FLY. (Finally Loving Yourself) Some days, James would come home and notice that I had blessed my home that week and say something like, "Oh...you flew today." He would spot my shiny sink (if I happened to shine it) and again say, "Yay. You flew!"

What I learned is that I didn't FLY. I cleaned but I didn't fly. Cleaning is not flying.

Last week, I cleaned my bedroom window. I mean really cleaned it. I got into the track the window sits in. I cleaned the outside windowsill (I have those nifty little windows I can open completely from the inside to clean the outside too.) When I was done (in less than 10 minutes), I took a step back, gazed at the window and commented to Chloe, "Now that is a clean window." We stood there for about 5 minutes and listened to the birds through my clean window. We let our imaginations take over as we danced on the sparkling sunbeams, pretending we were fairies bouncing from beam to beam, sprinkling fairy dust on the flowers. I realized at that moment that this was what flying was. Loving myself. Enjoying little moments. Taking time to enjoy the home I lovingly care for. Taking care of myself.

I am worth it. I deserve a clean house. I LOVE a clean house. I love sparkling windows. It doesn't take all day. I CAN take 15 minutes and sit down and look at my pretty house. Its okay. Do you know it took me 7 years of flywashing to realize that its okay to enjoy my pretty house? Golly gee willakers, but if I'm not crying right now. I am completely flywashed. I no longer consider cleaning cleaning. It is now blessing. I bless my home. I bless my family by blessing my home. As I pick up James dirty clothes from the bedroom floor or the dolls that once again made it downstairs for the 13th time today, I say to myself, "I am blessing my husband" (or daughter) and I smile. I am blessing my family. What a beautiful thought.

That was my lightbulb moment. And it only took 7 years.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. This is something I have been struggling with. Sometimes I feel like a maid, instead of looking at it as a job or just struggling through it as it never seems to get done, which is very hard for me, because I like everything neat and organized, this is a new look to have towards the endless cleaning that goes on in a house with a husband 2 elementary aged boys and a 15 month old baby girl, as well as myself. I'm going to check out the flylady. Thanks again for the inspiration and encouragement. Have a lovely day!