Saturday, May 09, 2009

Big Trips Coming Soon

After two days of leaving you hanging, I thought I had better let you in on our big news. Well, the first isn't so big really...unless you are me. Then its fabulous. James promised to take me camping for Memorial weekend. He has an extra day off (gotta love those military "family" days) so we get a whole four days to be gallivanting off in the woods. He is even going to get me a fishing license so I can fish too. Woo Hooo. I can almost smell those smores already.

But that's not the BIG news! Oh no. Nothing can compare with what I am about to tell you. (unless, of course, I told you I was dead and writing to you from heaven...but seeing as how that hasn't happened, this comes next in line)

James is taking me to Disneyworld in August or September! My goodness. I can't believe it. I am so excited I can hardly contain it. We are two overgrown kids with a young kidlet on our I don't doubt that we will have a blast. You see...military gets in free this year (I believe its a five day pass) and we plan to stay at the Shades of Green Resort (the military's resort within the Disneyworld resort) so that means we can do this for relatively cheap. All that's left is airfare. We found tickets for the three of us for around $350 total. Not bad, not bad at all.

I have compiled a little list of things I simply MUST do while in Disneyworld. Here you go...

1. get picture with Mickey (and autograph)
2. ride in the teacups
3. tour Mickey and Minnie's country houses
4. Ride the Disney Railroad
5. Ride Dumbo
6. Eat Mickey Mouse pancakes
7. Explore the Swiss Family Robinson tree house (should probably watch the movie before we go to as a refresher course...haven't seen it since I was a kid)
8. Find Jack Sparrow (on the Pirates of the Caribbean Cruise)

That's all I can think of for now. I am sure as the time approaches for us to go that list will lengthen dramatically. I am off now to prepare for an evening of scrapbooking away. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

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LadySnow said...

Sounds like an exciting time is coming for you! :-)