Friday, May 22, 2009

Camping Menu

We are packing up the car and in less than an hour headed off on our camping adventure. Before we vacate the premises, I thought I had better follow through and give you our camping menu. I am trying something new this time and will be able to tell you how it goes when we get back Monday night. (with loads of pictures and possibly even some video)

And now....our four day menu in which I have almost eliminated the use of a cooler altogether. (we need a small one for our frozen meat and cheese but that's it)

DAY 1 - Today
Breakfast - cereal and powdered milk in a ziplock bag. Add 1 cup of water for cereal. (Chloe and I will be having oatmeal and boiling water)
Lunch - crackers and cheese with pepperoni and tuna (not mixed together, mind you)
Dinner - Steaks and canned veggies (the steaks are frozen in a ziplock baggie with a marinade. They will marinate as they thaw today in the cooler.
Snacks - S'MORES! Trail mix, granola bars

DAY 2 - Saturday
Breakfast - same with bananas
Lunch - Soup (its a pre-made chicken noodle in a package and all you do is add boiling water)
Dinner - Hot Dogs, mac and cheese,
Snacks - S'MORES!

DAY 3 - Sunday
Breakfast - same with apples
Lunch - Oriental Noodles (again, the kind you just add water to for a full meal) and beef jerky
Dinner - Pita Pizza (pita bread filled with pizza sauce, mozerella cheese and leftover pepperoni, cooked over the grill. YUM!)
Snacks - S'MORES! (yes...we are bringing a LOT of s'more supplies)

DAY 4 - Monday
Breakfast - same with leftover fruit if still fresh
Lunch - crackers with canned chicken and cheese if still fresh

We have some additional supplies as well. Tang, powdered drink mix (the kind that is added to a water bottle for instant drink) coffee, trail mix, some Oreo fudge cookies. I really tried to pack light. I struggle with the notion that we won't have enough food but in times past I usually packed so much food that we carried home more than half of what I took. Seems kind of silly, right? But I am having the hardest time believing that the above foods will not leave us starving. The good thing is the river we are going to has a camp store. I know, I know. Not really roughing it, but hey. Its the only spot we found on the internet that was available this weekend. We didn't really want to take the chance of heading out somewhere three hours away only to be told they are booked up.

Well, I had better sign off the computer and start packing up the car. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I will chat at you all on the other side of the weekend!

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