Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Bee Buzzing Happily About

I don't think I mentioned this on my blog here before so I shall mention it today. About 4 months ago we began attending a different church. The church we previously attended was not able to meet our family's spiritual needs so we decided to try out the church Chloe has been attending Awanas at for the past year. It has been wonderful. I didn't realize just how hungry I was for fellowship and nurturing until we began attending this new church every week.

The only downside to so much fellowship is that we are super busy now. This past week we took a hard look at our priorities as a family and have made plans on how to cut back on a lot of things. We want God to be our primary focus. Our marriage comes second and our parenting third.

~ We do not start our day without spending time with the Lord. (we get up together and have coffee and devotions)
~ We aim to slip under the covers by 9pm so we can talk and have "quality time" without being so tired we fall asleep while the other person is talking.
~ We focus on our bedtime routine (flyladying here) so our mornings progress much more smoothly. (the bedtime routine for me includes shining the sink, making James lunch, programming the coffee pot for the morning brew, brushing our teeth, prepping the launchpad - the place by the door for everything we need to take with us the next day, and laying out our clothes for the next day)
~ I read a scripture to Chloe at breakfast every day.

There were other things discussed, but you get my drift. One of the priorities I made for myself as a housewife/mother was that I will not leave my house a wreck. It is so easy to do, believe you me. When we get so super busy that we are coming and going constantly and Chloe has a few free minutes to remove every item from the cabinet before we head out the door again, it becomes so easy to just leave it on the floor thinking we will get to it tomorrow. But then tomorrow is just as busy, with the addition of another cupboard or toy box or basketful added to the pile on the floor and the mess consumes every available space. Its difficult to walk in the door to such a disaster zone.

Its not that I mind being busy. I have enjoyed the past week immensely. I helped my dear friend Karen paint her new house for two days. Another dear friend delivered a tiny new blessing and I was able to be with her for a few hours each day last week. (The dear baby boy graduates the NICU this week, hopefully) Today I am busy cleaning the house, washing the clothes, cooking lasagna for my friend (who had the baby) and heading to prayer group tonight. Chloe and I even had school today. Its been great. It does mean that I haven't had time for my hobbies or projects lately and I have missed them tremendously. I am hoping for some sewing time this week because I have some fabric for some cute shirts which I was hoping to take on our trip home next week. Yes...we are going home for two and a half weeks. Hooray!

Anyways, its time for this busy little bee to buzz happily off and make some chocolate brownies (to go with the lasagna) and a Lemon Pudding Cake (for prayer group.) Have a fabulous day everyone.


Lindy said...

What truth you speak about the keeping the house clean. It also plays a lot with my emotional state as a mother and wife. If the house isn't clean I feel crazy and disorganized. I'm thinking I might not be the only one...

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! Have fun!