Thursday, June 11, 2009

Drama on Life's Stage

The past six months have been a trying time for me, but a growing time. I have learned patience and trust. While it has been extremely hard for me to wait, not knowing what lies ahead on our immediate path, I have learned to trust God and to sit back and wait as patiently as possible for someone like myself.

So, our house has not sold. Six months ago we placed it on the market, anticipating a move this fall (and hoping for Germany). There were times we even questioned God. (not a very wise thing to do, I must say.) Why has it not sold? Why would a house go on the market for the same price as ours, on the same street and it sells in two weeks and we wouldn't even have a showing? (yes...we saw the inside of said house and ours was in much better condition...same identical house, just not as "updated") Trust! Its so hard to do when you can't see the road in front of you. But trust we must.

Yesterday we received news that James will be deploying VERY soon. I can't tell you where...or when...but when the time comes, you will know. After I received the phone call yesterday afternoon regarding this deployment, I could only thank God that I still had my house.

Yes, he has not even been back from Iraq for a year yet. I understand the shock some of you must be feeling. But please understand one thing. We asked for this deployment. He wants to go and is very excited about it. I have the honor and privilege of being married to a Godly man who would sacrifice everything so our country can remain free. We have the freedom to pray whenever we want. We have the freedom to say what we want. We have the freedom to go where we want, shop where we want, have as many children as we want. We sometimes don't understand all the freedom that we DO have. Or what a privilege we have to live in this country of running water whenever we want, electricity whenever we want, food whenever we want (even if it is too much).

Please don't feel sorry for us. We are in the military for this purpose. We believe in what we are doing and to feel sorry for us indicates that you don't really know or understand us.

Please, just support us. If you know us personally, maybe drop us a line. Call us on the phone to say hello. Write James a letter if you are so inclined. Think of what it would be like to live for 6 months without your dear loved one and what sorts of things you would appreciate. James will miss our next anniversary (our second one in a row that he will miss) and Thanksgiving AND Christmas. There will be times of loneliness. I WILL miss my husband. It WILL be hard. Support us and try to understand us, but please, whatever you do, don't feel sorry for us. For us...its worth it. Just to see our precious little girl's earnest face as she thanks Jesus for her friends and her church and her toys every night. That makes our sacrifice as a family worth it.


LadySnow said...

Anna...thank you (and your family) for the sacrifices you make. But I was thinking.....This may work out well for you. You could come for a visit (although you would probably need a hotel room this time...getting to cramped.) after the baby arrives. That would cheer you up for sure. :-)

Anna said...

Oh my dear. I would LOVE to come again. Ohhhh...and get me some good baby rocking time. are such a dear. I would definitely get a hotel room too...if it meant I could visit your family again. Wooo hooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Your family and your sacrifics are beautiful. God has truely blessed you all. I'm sorry for your soon to be lonliness, but I understand why and am proud to call you friends. You, James and Chloe will be earnstly in my prayers. Thank you for the choices you've made, they bless us all.

Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for your husband's service and your family's sacrifice. I believe it is HONOURABLE and am THANKFUL for such service that preserves our freedoms. I find that I not always make the time as I used to, but if able I would LOVE to write a letter of love here-and-there.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Tiffany and Marty said...


I just caught up on your blog and read the news about you and James adopting. I am so thrilled for you. Marty and I just returned in March from China getting our first child Kaegan. Adoption is the most incredible experience Marty and I have been thru. You will be tremendously blessed. Feel free to check out process on our blog at If you need any information on adoption please contact me. My cell phone is still the same. Again, Anna I am thrilled for you and James and pray that your experience is as incredible as ours. Oh yeah, I will also pray that finances are handled. It is amazing what the cost of adoption is.