Thursday, July 09, 2009

Daddy Update

Oh boy! Where have I left my brain? Somewhere in between Washington State and Utah, I believe. Because it surely is not in my noggin where it belongs. I completely forgot to tell you about my father's illness in my last post. Kind of left ya hanging, didn't I?

Friday evening Daddy sat for 4 hours in the emergency room. They did some blood tests which showed nothing and then some x-rays showed up pneumonia. They gave him an iv and some oral antibiotics and sent him home with orders to not be in public. Since we had already been near him for the past 3 days we figured we were already exposed to anything we could possibly get so we stayed there. Daddy canceled all other little trips and asked a guest pastor to speak for him in church on Sunday. Finally, by Monday, Daddy had enough of sitting around the house so James took him to town for some "guy" time.

He is feeling much better than he was last week but he is still a very sick man. I have heard that pneumonia takes a very long time to get over. Please pray for my Daddy that he would rest and take it easy and not over do things so that his body gets a chance to heal. He has been waking up with headaches the past few nights so he is not resting as he should. Rest and good sleep are necessary for your body to recoup and recover so please pray that he will no longer have these headaches that are preventing him from the good sleep that he needs.

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