Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goose, please!

A conversation which took place earlier this morning with my wee babe...

Me: "What would you like to eat for breakfast?"

Chloe: "Goose, please."

Me: "Would you like some scrambled eggs with that?"

Chloe: "No. Just goose."

Me: "What about cereal?"

Chloe: "Sure. (pause) And goose."

Me: "Would you like apple juice?" (showing her the bottle)

Chloe: "No. I want the other goose."

At which point I dug into the back of the fridge for the orange juice in an individual sized bottle with the sport cap top and held it up for her to see.

Chloe: "Yup. That's the goose I like. The top comes up and down."

Thankfully, I speak Chloean. I understood perfectly from the start what she desired.