Monday, July 13, 2009

Meet Bumblebee and Twillerbee

Pattycakes tolerates Chloe. She used to despise her when Chloe was an infant but has grown to tolerate her. I believe that if something happened to Chloe, Pattycakes might even miss her a bit. But that is as far as the affection goes. Chloe loves to chase Pattycakes around the house, but being the older and wiser of the two, Pattycakes quickly finds a place to hide where Chloe cannot reach.


I've been thinking for some time now that Chloe needs a kitten of her own. A little baby who would grow up used to all the attention and love my rough and tumble princess possesses in her heart. I also thought it might be a good idea to have a little kitten for her before something happens to precious Pattycakes. (who is no spring chicken any more...about 15 years or around there somewhere) And I also thought it might help Chloe through the loss of her Daddy who is once again deploying overseas here pretty soon for 6 months.

Friday, James agreed to take us to the shelter and let her pick out a kitten. You have no idea how excited she was. I can't even describe to you the excitement of the day.'s a clue. NOTHING I said landed on listening ears. Yup! I could have said, "Would you like ice cream, Chloe?" and it would not have even registered. Yes, siree. Excited!

The whole process took us all day. Literally. We left our house at approximately 11:30 am and returned home at about 6:30 pm. But look who we came home with...


Meet Twillerbee. We wanted a little girl kitten and this sweet little girl had been spayed that very morning. Most of the kitties are not spayed until they are adopted so there is usually about a week wait before you can take them home. Not for this one though...she was able to come home with us that evening. The lady gave us a private showing of this precious little one. She fostered this kitty in her home instead of leaving her in the kennel with the other kitties and had brought her in that morning for the surgery.

We were petting her and holding her and letting Chloe decide if she wanted this kitty (it wasn't a very difficult decision for her) when the shelter lady showed us the kitten's brother. Ahhhh...I, of course, fell in love immediately and the lady offered us a two for one deal. We could take both of them home with us. Well, you all know me and my affliction for kitties...especially abandoned kitties with no home. James quietly looked at me and said the decision was up to me. I knew that meant yes. If I wanted them both, I could have them. So, we came home with Twillerbee and Bumblebee.


I can already see their personalities coming out. Bumblebee sits halfway in the food bowl while he eats. Twillerbee is going to be a Mama's girl. She follows me everywhere I go and loves for me to hold her. She already knows her name (which Chloe gave her...she named both kitties herself) and will sometimes come when I call. Twillerbee was a little shy at first and wouldn't come out from under the bed, but once she warmed up to me she was okay. She is the sweetest and gentlest little kitty ever.

Here are more pictures of our new little babies. This is Twillerbee.


And this is Bumblebee.


Chloe has spent every waking moment this entire weekend with her new kitties. She plays with them and chases them and carries them all over the house. The very reasons why I wanted to get her a little kitty in the first place. And they are so tolerant of it all. I hope they grow up actually enjoying her preschool-age affection.


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Lisa said...

Hi Anna,
Too sweet! Chloe must be loving on them! I love Bumblebee's coloring. Beautiful. Enjoy them!