Friday, July 31, 2009

Starting a New Home School Blog

Today I realized that I might have reason to keep a blog of our homeschooling journey separate from my regular blog. Lullabies and Lace blog began as a way for me to tell the story of my crochet projects and other hobbies I enjoy. It quickly became much more than that. I tell of my family and our way of life. I tell of my spiritual journey. I even write of my coffee moments and afternoon teas. Yes, this blog contains a plethora of trivial information and, quite frankly, relating to you our journey of home schooling would only add to the confusion and randomness that is Lullabies and Lace.

With that in mind along with the notion that I could potentially post every day of our home schooling events, I started a new blog. Come on over to Journey to Ladyship if you feel so inclined and keep up-to-date with our home schooling adventures. I am quite excited and thrilled about this new chapter of life that I see opening up before us. I hope you will join me.

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