Friday, August 14, 2009

Back into Embroidery

Gosh, it has been so long since I have worked on any sort of project of any kind. I can't believe how busy our summer has been. Not a single crochet hook has been picked up. Not a single inch of thread has passed through the sewing machine. I think I am suffering withdrawals or something, yet I can't seem to get myself motivated to pull anything out.

There is one project I have been working on for the past two months, a little unsteadily, mind you, but when I feel the urge to stitch, I pull it out. I took it to Spokane with us last month as my project to work on while my mother and I visited. We like to keep busy while sit on the couch and visit. She usually thumbs through some magazines while I work on a project.

I purchased these pillowcases from Herrschners about a year or two ago. Its the perfect project to sit and stitch on while watching a baseball game or listening to a bit of Jack Johnson in the evening.


She's a beaut! I can't wait to get her done. Well...then I have an identical one to do and...that is sort of like knitting the second sock, I suppose.

Have a fabulous day everyone and a gorgeous weekend.


Anonymous said...

Ohh! She's gorgeous!!!! I'm all for creativeness, it keeps me sane! Lol.

Lindy said...

I have been trying that and yours are just beautiful.

Anna said...

Thank you guys. There are so many embroidery projects I wish I could do, but alas...I have so many hobbies that I just can't get to everything on my dream list. I hope to finish this lovely set today. One pillowcase is done and the second one has been started.

Anonymous said...

I am doing the very same pillowcases!!! Except it has been two years for me... but I pulled them out yesterday and it is my goal to have them finished by Sunday

Anna said...

Uh-oh! Is that a challenge I hear in your voice? The race is on. Lucky for you, I am out of the pink thread and there is none in my stash that even closely resembles it, so I will head to Joanns on Thursday to pick it up. I hope to have mine done Thursday night. :)