Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Daze

I walk in the midst of a busy daze. Life, at this point, is survival. The fog in my brain hinders me from remembering anything previous to the past 10 minutes. All I know is that I have an insatiable need to keep busy. As long as I have a project or chore to get done or somewhere I need to be, I don't even think about being lonely. That is my key to survival at this point. I am assured that it will eventually get easier as the days/weeks progress, but for now, I am quite happy walking about in my hazy stupor.

I do have plans to keep myself plenty busy for the next several months. Here are some of those plans...

~ Homeschool - and I can delve into this as deeply as I please...I mean...goodness gracious, but I could have a field trip every day if I so wished.
~ Ballet - Chloe is enrolled and once ballet starts, it will be a once a week thing. COOL!
~ Prayer group - meets once a week...and the coolest thing is, my prayer group meets for dinner with dessert too.
~ Choir - I plan to have Chloe participate in the children choir at church.
~ Awanas - Oh how Chloe loved awanas last this year I have volunteered to help out too...give us both something to do at the same time.
~ YMCA - Yes, we joined the local YMCA. Whenever the next session opens up, I will enroll Chloe in the swim classes there. Oh...and she is begging me to enroll her in soccer too. We'll see, we'll see.

And then, of course, what would busy-ness be without some crafty type goals? So, here are some goals for the next 6 months.

~ finish the never-ending tablecloth (yes...that one)
~ sew Chloe's winter wardrobe
~ crochet a new design for Chloe's Christmas dress (has it really been a year and a half since I have crocheted her a dress???)
~ finish the knitted afghan (which could be James Christmas present, if I get it done in time. I won't so maybe next years Christmas present?)
~ sew a minky blanket for our king size bed (because James loves the blanket my Great Aunt Ida made for me when I was 12 years old and it only fits a double bed. We still used it on our queen size bed but the thing looks awfully piddly on our a new one is in order)
~ get our family scrapbook completely up-to-date and also get all of James memorabilia from his Iraq deployment last year into a scrapbook.
~ crochet some outfits for the newest mini-members of our family. (who have yet to receive anything from their auntie. Shame on me!)
~ sew a new quilt for Chloe (maybe to hang on the wall in her room)

And that is all I feel like listing at the moment. I have an extensive list upstairs but feel too lazy at the moment to go get it for you. (that, and I am sure you all would be bored to tears reading it because when I say extensive, I do mean extensive.)

In between babysitting some precious little girls today, making a meal and taking it to a family in our Sunday School class who just had a baby, and attending an information meeting for the upcoming Awana year, I was able to sit down and get a bit of stitching done on my lovely lady pillowcases. I should have the second one finished tomorrow, if I can make it to Joann's for some floss. (I ran out of pink) I hope you all have a lovely finish to your Monday and I will hopefully have a finished project to show you tomorrow. Good night everyone!

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