Saturday, August 01, 2009

Missing Pen

Its funny with kittens. They take all their little toys and hide them. We purchased a package containing eight furry mice and we currently know where one is located. The others whereabouts remain a mystery. I hunted for them one day in every possible location I could dream a kitten could/would hide a miniature mouse to no avail. They are gone!

On the other hand, these kittens have uncovered the mystery behind my missing measuring tape. (a shiny, silver thing about the diameter of a quarter and the height of 8 quarters stacked up) This tape measure has been missing for many months now and I believed all hope to be lost.

A couple of days ago, my eye caught a shimmery glint from the middle of the living room floor. Lo and behold, my tape measure! Good little kitties. Still no furry mice though.

Two days ago, my flylady pen turned up missing. I first blamed James, convinced he took it despite my threatening warnings to never ever touch my beloved pen. I wrote with it while sitting right here in this very recliner. I then placed it on the side table next to me, right on top of my notebook. (which I had been writing in) Five minutes later, I reached to pick up the pen know...

After a day of hunting for it, I have decided that it was not James who stole my pen. Nope. Do you wanna know who I now blame?


Oh now...don't you do that! Do not, for a second, trust that innocent face. She may look (and act) like a sweet little kitten, but I have seen firsthand her thieving abilities.

Well, now...I must sign off for the weekend. We venture off to the wilds of New York City for the weekend. Nope. No Yankee game this year. I guess I didn't plead enough. Oh well. We will get some crabbing in and that compares slightly...

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

You can just hear his little purr, "Whoooooo meeeeee???" :)