Monday, August 24, 2009

New Scrapbooking Tricks

I am not too old to learn new tricks. I just need some inspiration sometimes. My scrapbooks have become boring to me. The last one I completed in a one month time span and it reflects that in its pages. You can tell that I simply put the pictures into a book. That was my goal.

This past week I needed something more, but felt myself stuck in a rut. Patterned paper background. Each photo matted in matching cardstock. A journaling box on the page. A couple of well-placed sticker and I was done.

Then last week I splurged on myself and bought a scrapbooking book, The Amazing Page. It has helped me out of my slump tremendously. Check out some of the pages I created before my splurge for Chloe's birthday album.

Here is a page of her second birthday decor. I couldn't find any strawberry shortcake scrapbooking supplies so I printed some images off the internet onto pink cardstock. To embellish them, I placed rhinestones in strategic places on them to add a bit of pizzaz and sparkle.


Here we have her third birthday cake.


To introduce each year's birthday, I created a page to hold her birthday cards and placed an 8x10 photo of Chloe on the opposite page. I thought this might be a good transition between each year.


But do you see what I mean about "blah"? I can get these pages done quickly, but they just don't have that artistic balance I so desperately desire. Check out the "after inspiration book" creations.

Here is a page from her Candyland party. I hand cut the lollipops and candies for this page.


And next is another page from her candyland party.


I plan to spend the next week scrappin' so you will most likely be seeing more pages. I feel so inspired after browsing through this book. It is definitely what I needed. Have a great day and go be inspired. Check out a book from the library to browse through. Stop by the magazine stand at your local craft store. You might be amazed at the help it can bring to a creative slump.


LadySnow said...

Wow I am truly impressed. I used to keep scrapbooks and photo albums, but unfortunately after having Elisabeth....I haven't done anything like that since. :-(

Lindy said...

They are great pages! She's going to love looking at those when she gets older!

Anna said...

Thank you. Yes, its hard to do with kids and family. With James being gone, I took over the entire kitchen table. I can't do that when he is home and I have nowhere else in the house to spread out like that. Usually I just wait until a crop at my friend's house or at church to work on my albums.