Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recent Chloe-isms

My daughter brings laughter into our home and my life every day. I thought I would share with you some of her more recent Chloe-isms that brighten my moods.

~ "Can I have this candy because I love you?" she asks.

~ (looking at her reflection in the china cabinet doors and singing to softly to herself as she gazes at her image) "We have two bathrooms. One is in the basement. One is upstairs." It really was pricless to watch her sing in her lovely voice to herself about the number of bathrooms we have.

~ (doubling over, clutching her tummy as if in pain) "Ohhhh, Mama...my tummy hurts! I need some candy!!"

~ (holding her forehead in the same manner as her tummy) "Mama! My head hurts. I need some more cheerios!"

~ (after I have asked her if she wants to do something) "I want to "blank" BUT I don't want to." (now blank can be anything from cuddling to playing...

She really is my gift from God and I treasure each moment that passes and each little quirk that makes her my Chloe.

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