Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday's To Do List

We have a very extensive to-do list today. I doubt we can get everything done, but we are going to slowly work our way down this list. Now, I must inform you...I am not the one who created this list. Chloe did. I told her yesterday that today would be a Mama and Chloe day. A very important day for a four year old. Aside from cooking our meals and making this blog post, the entire rest of the day will be spent working down Chloe's very own to-do list.

Here is her list.

~ Play blocks
~ Mario Party 8 (on the WII)
~ Color
~ Play with the kitties
~ dress up
~ play kitchen
~ play in the bedroom with toys
~ dolls
~ paint
~ play with farm animals
~ puzzles
~ set up a fort (maybe)

Chloe pointed to every single item on the list, one by one, saying, "Play, play, play, play..." Can you tell that this is important to her? Yes, and she gets to do everything on her list with Mama! We are going to have a blast. And I will try to take photos of the day to show you all at another time. I hope you all have a blast today with your kids! Have them create a Mama and me list. (or even a Dadddy and me one) It might surprise you what your kids love doing with you.

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