Friday, August 21, 2009

Stop the Ringing, Please!

There we were, quietly eating our delightful breakfast (more on that in my next post) when out of the blue, an infernal ringing noise took over our kitchen. I immediately looked up to see where the smoke was coming from because I sure couldn't smell it. Nope. No smoke. I soon realized this ringing was not the sound of our fire alarm. (I've set that one off enough times to recognize its sound quite quickly.) Nope...this infernal ringing was coming from the ceiling in the kitchen. Above the refrigerator to be exact.

I began to investigate. This is what I found.


Some random boxes on my wall above the fridge. Why they are there, I haven't a clue. (maybe the alarm system?) Anyways, I ventured downstairs to our grand central wire location (the place underneath the joists of the kitchen floor where all the wires for our entire house hang out...and when I say "hang", I do mean "hang") and after searching for a few minutes I saw a plug which had been pulled out from the socket. Ah-ha, I thought to myself. That must be it. I plugged it back in and headed upstairs with a grin that would rival a five year old at Christmas.

To my utter dismay, I found that not only was the first squeal still squealing, but a second one had been added. I hastily ran back downstairs to unplug the dreadful plug and decided to just get my ears accustomed to the infernal noise. Easier said than done.

We left the house.

Upon arriving home 3 hours later, (which I thought was ample time for the ringing box to wear itself out) we walked into the dreadful greeting once more. Ugggg. It hadn't worn itself out. That's okay, I thought. Maybe I can just become acclimated to it. No such luck. Right before I reached up to pull out my hair, I thought maybe I would grab a hammer and just bash the thing in. It HAS to stop, right? (There are no buttons on the thing. No knobs. Nothing. I couldn't even pull it off the wall.)

I couldn't find the hammer. It was nowhere to be found. (God sure does have a sense of humor, right?)

Well, maybe it would be better if I didn't bash the box in with a hammer. I have no idea what that box is up there for and, after all, I could have been electrocuted. Nope. Better just get the screwdriver and unscrew the thing from the wall. Maybe that would help.

I stood on my kitchen chair and reached up with the screwdriver to begin loosening one of the screws when I realized, the sound was bouncing off the ceiling. I placed my ear as close to the box as I could and sure sounds were being emitted from the box at all.

Goodness gracious...where is James when you need him, right? (that's the thought that crossed my mind at that moment in time)

There I stood, on my kitchen chair, looking around in desperation. I contemplated renting a hotel room for the next 6 months. Seriously, though. As I circled the chair, something on the side of the fridge caught my eye. I moved in for a closer sound test. Yup! The culprit. I finally located the origin of the awful noise.


My kitchen timer. I pushed the off button and hopped down from chair with a giggle. Oh silly me. I am so thankful I did NOT take my dear hubby's advice from halfway around the world and call one of our friends over. Do you know how embarrassing that would have been? (substantially more than writing it for the world to see on my blog, I must say.) And I am equally thankful I didn't find the hammer. Now peace and quiet reign in my house and I shall sleep well tonight.


Sue said...

the box on the wall looks like it might be a carbon dioxide detector...can't see it that well though...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! That so sounds like something I would do! Glad you figured it out. ;)

Anna said...

Actually, my husband did verify that the box is for the security alarm system. lol. I am so glad that it turned out to be something else and not the security system going off. :)