Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tea Time for Two Ladies

I love tea time.


And I love sharing tea time with my precious daughter. Today, we had "goose tea" instead of "milk tea". Chloe has yet to acquire a taste for real tea so usually I serve her milk in a teacup. (which she calls "milk tea".) And in case you aren't familiar with Chloean, "goose tea" translates into English as "juice tea".

I just love all the delicate trimmings that adorn a ladies tea setting.


This is the most peaceful time of my day. (that and naptime) I hope you all had as lovely an afternoon as we did.


LadySnow said...

Boy...I sure miss my children taking naps. If they even take one now...it is a blessed event! That tea looks wonderful. :-)

Anna said...

Well, truth be told...she doesn't actually nap any more. I still have a quiet time though so she has to sit on her bed and play quietly or read books for an hour in the afternoon. I need my downtime.