Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Bear Finger Puppet

So, the story goes that once upon a time, a little lady tried to sew herself a skirt. The pattern appeared simple enough. The fabric divine. Finished, it would be the most wonderful skirt in the ladies wardrobe. A simple, black skirt with two pockets on the front and extremely wearable for those days around the house when she sits on the floor to waltz through Candy Land or puts Micky Mouse together or adds a funny face to Mr. Potato Man.

But when it came time to sew in the zipper, the instructions baffled the poor lady. Invisible zipper? What's that? "Oh well," she thought. "It can't be that much different than a regular zipper. I'll just insert the zipper with the method I know best."

That poor, dear lady didn't have a clue.

The skirt will not quite zip up the entire way and somehow there is a fold at the top of the waistband where there should not be which covers about an inch of the zipper. This may or may not be what prevents the zipper from zipping the entire way up. (It could also be that little roll of extra padding on the waist of the lady, but we shan't mention such a thing, for that would certainly humiliate the poor dear.)

As the befuddled lady prepared for an evening of quiet last night after her darling daughter fell fast asleep, her first thought was to sit in front of a movie and seam rip the entire skirt apart to begin anew. Her plan was to sew 1/2" seam allowances instead of 5/8", but then she recalled the fact that she doubled sewed her seams, trimmed them, and then zig zagged over the edge. A very nice seam, mind you, and sturdy. That thought alone prompted the poor, dear lady to get out her knitting and a puppet book she obtained from the library and just knit. This is what she came up with. (She requested I show it to you for she wishes to remain anonymous in light of all she's been forced to endure.)


Beware. Sometimes mother's are correct in their admonishments. Remember the one you always got whenever you played with something not intended for children? "Be careful with that. You could poke you eye out." This particular admonishment floated about in my brain all last evening. Its a good thing I remembered it too for working with dpns can do just that very thing. I am proud to say that I have both eyes in tact, although we had a few close calls. So, knitting with dpns can be quite challenging, yet very rewarding. I might have to make a few more of these puppets this week.

Well, now...its time for school and we have some fabulous projects we are working on this week. I really must update the homeschool blog today. We have much to talk about. Have a gloriously happy day and I will chat at you again soon.


Lis said...

oh dear! please tell the lady that I am quite sad for her zipper troubles - invisible zippers are quite dastardly.

Anna said...

Thank you Lis. You are too kind. I will pass on your condolences which I am sure will be greatly appreciated.