Saturday, September 26, 2009

The EEG!

Not to be confused with an egg, which is the white, roundish thing that chickens lay.

I apologize for not posting an update sooner than this morning. You see...we've been ill this week on top of everything else going on lately. The fog in my brain finally cleared enough Thursday and Friday so I could prepare for my best friend to spend the weekend with me. I will attempt to update you quickly this morning before we head out the door in search of the best loose leaf tea distributor in our area. (On a side note...we have yet to find such a place.)

Sunday evening, I sneezed. 20 minutes later, my head was congested and I suffered a headache. Yup. You got it. I contracted a cold. To make matters worse, Chloe woke up every 20-30 minutes all night long with night terrors. This experience with night terrors was the worst I've ever had with her. Needless to say, I slept only about 3 hours the entire night. Not enough to keep me up all night Monday night, which is what was required of us in preparation for Chloe's EEG Tuesday morning.

Thankfully, a girlfriend from church stopped by for the evening to keep us awake. After a few cans of rootbeer, a large Dr. Pepper from Burger King (because Chick-Fil-A closed at 10:00) and a couple of chocolate cupcakes, we were able to keep Chloe awake until 3:15 am. We would have had to resort to torture to keep the poor thing awake any longer.

Our efforts paid off big time. Chloe slept for the EEG test. The technician claimed Chloe was one of her best patients ever. She hooked up several little metal cup-like things all over Chloe's head. These were attached to colored wires, two of which were PINK, that traveled to a box which monitored the electrical activity in her brain. I laid down beside her and cuddled her to my hearts content.

We received the results from the test the next day. The test came back normal! While at first, I imagined this as bad because we don't know anything more than before the test, I soon found out that a normal EEG is actually a good thing. It rules out the serious stuff. Here are a few more things I learned about seizures.

~ 1 in 100 people have seizures (that's a lot of people)
~ Seizures do not cause brain damamge
~ Most children who have seizures grow out of them (which is another good reason for the EEG to come back clean)

All in all, its been a good week. Chloe is doing great. I am doing great, aside from a wet cough which still lingers. James received an email from the car dealership where our car spent the past week and they have approved our warranty and will be installing a new engine in her shortly. PRAISE THE LORD! We will basically have a brand new an old body.

I must be off now to dress for our adventures today. I will try to remember to snap some pictures to show you all our fun. I need some fun. Its been a long couple of weeks. Have a great weekend everyone! Talk at you soon.


mamasonstage said...

anna! God is so good! all this good news at once. i am SO happy to hear chloe's EEG came back normal -- wonderful! wonderful! and that the car is under warranty is just amazing -- unbelieveable almost, except for i know how God works. :) so happy for you. enjoy your time with your best friend. love, pamela

Adron said...

Thank you for the update. I really like the Bedtime prayer posted sept 18. I will continue to watch your blog. Christians must bear each others burdens and share their joys.

Lis said...

praise the Lord for His great blessings!! i'm so glad for your good news on both the EEG and the car!

mbdoyle4 said...

Hi again Anna--sounds like wonderful news all round--just get rid of that nasty cough as soon as you can.

Pam said...

Oh, Anna! Thank the Lord for all your happy news! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your friend and that you will be feeling much better soon.


LadySnow said...

So happy to hear that Chloe's test results are "normal." Sure hope you get over this cold/sickness very soon. And so happy to hear that the car will be fixed. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've noticed with my grandsons by love that night terrors and seizures seem to go hand in hand; also the younger guy 4 1/2 tends to have 'accidents' the day after a seizure or night terror. Luckily his special education teacher is very understanding as she had his brother last year and can deal with things fairly well.