Friday, September 04, 2009

Friendship Baking

I love my best friend. I love baking. What could be better? Baking with your best friend.


Oh yes. Add a cup of tea afterward and you have the makings of an almost perfect day. (it would have been absolutely perfect if James had been in attendance to keep poor Kevin entertained.)

I took my all time best tea cookbook with me on my visit to Miss Karen's house this week. I just knew we would have opportunity to use it while I was there. We first settled on baking Cream Puffs but after browsing through the rest of the book before jumping in, we changed our minds. We figured maybe we should try 1/4 of the recipe for Cream Puffs (it didn't call for any sugar so we were a little skeptic of the recipe) and then bake a batch of Mini Eclairs. A very wise decision on our parts.

The cream puffs tasted nothing like cream puffs.

We nicknamed them egg puffs.
(who makes cream puffs without sugar OR cream, I would like to know?)

The mini eclairs, on the other hand, tasted very sugarful and delicious. We even let poor, lonely Kevin try one.


I think he enjoyed it.



So, our eclairs fell flat in the middle when Karen poked them with a fork. After googling "fallen eclairs" I came to the conclusion we didn't bake them long enough. Kevin also pointed out that they tasted slightly "salty". We noticed it too once he mentioned it. We plan on trying the eclairs again in the future. We MUST fix this and get the recipe right this time. We will reduce the salt by half and bake them for a tad bit longer.

We drank some "natural" rootbeer with our eclairs and finished the night off with some BBC Pride and Prejudice (the most authentic version, by the way). What a lovely evening.


P.S. Hey Karen...I forgot my clotted cream on your bookshelf. I would like that back when you get the chance.


LadySnow said...

Oh..those eclairs look so yummy :-)

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Eclairs and root beer. Mmmmmm.

Thanks so much for my next pregnancy craving. :)

Anonymous said...

I do have your clotted cream! I'll have to bring it for our girls weekend!!! We also need to try and make those eclairs again!