Monday, September 07, 2009

I Have Friends!

I was reminded of a song this weekend. Not the most godly song there is, but true for me none-the-less.

It took almost every ounce of strength I had to get myself out of bed Sunday morning and into the shower. I did NOT want to attend church. I felt a bit sorry for myself dealing with Chloe's seizure and struggling just to get her seen by a neurologist (which we have yet to find anyone who can get her in) and I really just did not want to see people and have to smile. You know those times? When the smile plastered on your face is simply there to hold back the floodgate of tears? Yes, this is how I felt and I just didn't feel I could hold up all morning.

But I knew I needed church. I needed fellowship. So, I showered and dressed and fed Chloe and headed out the door.

I drove down the freeway and found myself one exit before my church exit when I noticed a large mass of smoke behind my car. I looked around to see which car on the large freeway was creating such billows of smoke. They needed to get off the road immediately. Uh-oh. Not a single car around me. I was driving that vast expanse by myself. Could that smoke really be coming from my own car?


It was. By this time, I was almost to my exit and the clouds of smoke subsided a bit. I breathed a teensy sigh of relief but as soon as the air exited my lungs, my eyes traveled to the dash and that is when I noticed the bright red oil can light which warned that something terrible was happening. That can not be good!

What was I to do? In my high heels with a four year old in the car. If I pulled over to call someone, no one would answer for cells phones are normally turned off during church. All I could think was I needed to get to church. I prayed. I believe what I said went something like this...

"Just get me to church. Please. I just gotta get to church where someone can help me."

God did. My car made it to church. But that is as far as she made it. She will sit in the parking lot until I can find a mechanic to tow her to tomorrow. (I believe we have one picked out.) It appears, to a mechanic sort of person I know, that the front main seal broke and I ran out of oil completely in a two mile span of freeway. I then drove another two miles or so with absolutely NO oil in the car which has probably caused some damage to my engine.

The outlook is not wonderful. I must now wait until we know if we have orders overseas or not. Why? If we have orders overseas, I am allowed to sell James truck and use that money to put down on a car. I can save up my money in the next two months and we would then not have to finance a new car. If we don't have orders, it looks like I will be stuck driving the truck for the next 5 months until James returns so we can save up the cash to purchase a new car. (He loves that truck.)

So...what does this have to do with the song I posted above? Well, let me tell you. I can surely relate to the broken down car bit, right? Although my car sits in the parking lot and not on the side of the road. But its during these times that you really find out who your friends are. I have been blessed to be a part of the family of God. A family who takes care of their own. Numerous men from our church got under my car while another took Chloe's car seat out and put it in his own van, informing me he would "take me wherever I wanted to go". Another friend said for me to come to their house so I could pick up their spare car while yet another family came up and asked me if I wanted to come spend the afternoon at their house and eat with them.

I also have a few friends who know pediatricians or neurologists they are going to try to get in contact with to see if we can get dear little Chloe in sooner than next year. I even have a friend who has offered to drive me to the BIG city if that is the only location I can get her in. I didn't even call them because I don't drive in the BIG city! I've had two other families invite me for dinner sometime. I've had even more say they would love to go car shopping with me.

This is the family of God people! This is what it is supposed to look like! I am so blessed to have such a loving heavenly Father who takes care of his children. I have found this weekend that I have many friends, many friends indeed. These trials are not over yet, but I know who holds tomorrow in His hands...and He cares for me.


LadySnow said...

I totally understand having those days that you "plaster" that smile on...but Praise the Lord for such a wonderful fellowship of believers. (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

yes, you do have friends, sweet anna, and we are blessed to be included among yours. we so enjoyed our time with you and chloe, and you are welcome at our home any time. :)