Thursday, September 10, 2009

Message Board

I finally began marking projects off my to-do list again. Yay! Here is one such project. I wanted to have a place in Chloe's room for her to hang pictures of James, letters, postcards and anything else her little heart desires. So I bought the supplies to make the board and then let it sit in my craft room for 6 months. Isn't that the proper way to do things? Oh, no??? Hmmm...

Well anyways, I finally pulled it out the other night and finished it.



I stapled a piece of purple/lavender fabric with butterflies all over it around the framed cork board (lucky for me it was already a framed piece for the wall so I didn't have much work to do there). I lined the ribbon up by lying it on the board where I wanted it. I hot-glued the ribbon on the back of the frame and then at the junctions in the middle. I brought down my vintage button stash and waited for Chloe to choose the perfect buttons for her board. This can be quite the process for a four year old. The buttons have to be just right, you know.

In the end we have something we both are happy with.


Anonymous said...

So sweet. Love her button choices. And six months...sounds about right to me!

LadySnow said...

I love's a great color as well. :-)

Brandie said...

I LOVE that fabric!! And I love the message board! =)

William said...

Any chance you remember where you got the fabric from?