Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We Are In!

God is amazing! He works in ways we would never come up with if left to work things out on our own.

Today I received a phone call from a lovely lady in my Sunday School class. She gave me a phone number of a neurologist for me to try to call to book an appointment for Chloe. I called but soon found out they only see adult patients. Uggg. More of that jazz.

The receptionist transferred me to the "pediatric" section and also gave me the phone number to write down. Shoot! It was the same phone number of a neurologist I called last week, one of the ones who couldn't see her until next year. When the pediatric receptionist answered the line, I simply stated what I was calling for in hopes something had changed.

It had! She informed me that a cancellation had just occurred and could I come in Thursday at 2:30 pm. "When?" I questioned. "Thursday, Sept 10", she replied. I immediately said yes, without so much as a glimpse at my calendar. Whatever was on there could wait.

Tonight I celebrated with two chocolate brownies.

I ate both!

I leave you with a few pictures of Chloe taken on the day of her seizure. (It was also her first day of ballet.)

(She slept directly after the seizure for a few minutes. She looked so peaceful, I had to get her picture)

(She was quite excited to start ballet, although she doesn't look it in the photo. She seemed a little nervous about changing in the dressing room. Next time I will put her leotard on under her dress.)

(dancing for me around the dressing room before class began)

(Showing me what she learned after we arrived home. This is "sleeping on my feet".)

Have a wonderful night everyone! I am off to bed so I can spend tomorrow sewing. I have a few items to show you at some point tomorrow. I've definitely been working on things the past week, even though I have not shown you one single scrap. Its time I got a post full of project pictures, just for you. Good night.


Brandie said...

So glad you got in! We had to go see a neuro for my middle daughter too. Despite being near Chicago and trying there, the wait list was 6 months! Somehow we got in in "only" 3 months - but she wasn't having seizures and so the pressure wasn't on to get in right away. Specialists are so tough to get into and I'm so glad you are going Thursday (it's also that same daughter's birthday so I think it's a pretty good day) and will be praying you get answers.

And also, yeah, I need to say no more often and do less. And the world will not end - I know that but it's so hard to stop LOL!

And also, a while ago you asked about the mei tei carrier and using it on my 3 year old, we've tried it out a lot more times since then, and I can tell you it works. And it's awesome! I love it. I am thinking of making a second one, now that I know how to do it. I think teh top straps come off not at the best angle on the one I have and also I'd like to make the square area bigger since it's for my toddler. But aside from that, I love it. And wish I would have made one a lot sooner in life!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the poor thing. Such a sweet innocent face. I am so glad to hear that you got in to the neurologist so quickly. God is amazing isn't he?! She looks adorable in her ballet clothes. My youngest started her classes this year too!

LadySnow said...

Praise the Lord! Make sure you update us as soon as you can after her appointment Thursday. Oh..and she looks darling in her leotard. :-)

Anonymous said...

That's great that you got her the appointment so quickly. She looks like a little doll. A sweet little lacy crochet bag in thread would be perfect to carry her ballet shoes in to practice. I have a book called "The Dancers Guide to Ballet Crafts" I purchased at Hobby Lobby a while back, it had something similar. I hope watching your sweet little one dance took your mind off the worry at least for a little while. God bless you and yours friend.

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Yay! Hooray for God's timing. I pray that everything will be well and you will be able to leave your appointment tomorrow with some answers!