Friday, October 23, 2009

Simple Pinafore

I am happy to announce that I finished the pinafore today. My excitement escalated as I remembered we have a wedding to attend tomorrow and this is kind of the "autumn season" and Chloe can wear her "thanksgiving" dress and pinafore. Oh hooray! I sometimes worry when I make her extra special dresses that we won't have enough opportunities to wear them. You can imagine my level of anticipation as I trudged along, sewing 9 (yes...9) buttonholes. 9 buttonholes equals 9 buttons. Goodness gracious but that's a lot of buttons for one pinafore. My poor fingers about fell off.

Now this pinafore doesn't look fancy or frilly but when pared with THE DRESS, it will look absolutely fabulous.



I must be off now to locate the dress, if she is to wear it tomorrow. I also need to put some supper up in the crockpot so we have something delightfully warm to come home to tomorrow evening. Pray that I don't chicken out with this whole wedding thing. I've been looking forward to it since this couple became engaged quite a few months ago. I really want to go. I do. Its a long drive though...and you all know me and driving. Oh the agony of it all! Ah well. God is with me...who can stand against me? I shall not fear the terrible drivers. Though they cut me off I will have no fear. I will have a little bit of fear...let's be honest here. But I will TRY to have no fear. And I shall enjoy a lovely wedding.

Have a adventurous weekend everyone! Do something entirely spontaneous. And don't forget to laugh. I will do the same...and tell you what I did come Monday. How about that? Good night all!


Sarah said...

Your talent absolutely amazes me. That is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the whole thing together. Have fun at the wedding and a lovely weekend too!

LadySnow said...

Can't wait to see a modeled pic. :-) I bet it's gorgeous. :-)