Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

This question overwhelmed my thoughts today, time and time again. What on earth could have possibly possessed me today to think I could tackle a project like this???? Okay...I must clarify...not the pinafore project (which is coming along nicely and I shall mention that in a bit) but rather the other project I started today. Should I have even started it? I guess that would be a better question to ask myself.

It all started this afternoon as I realized it was time to head to ballet and I couldn't very well haul my sewing machine along to finish the pinafore. I racked my brain to try and come up with an alternative project that would transport well. Lo and behold, the next project down on my craft to-do list after the pinafore is Chloe's birthday doily. (Yes...her fourth I am a little late on my projects. I can admit it.)

"Ah-ha" I thought to myself. "Here is the perfect ballet project." I thought it might be nice of me to let Chloe pick out her own doily this year, seeing as how she will be the one displaying them in her house when she marries. Uh-oh. So, here is where things slid downhill in a hurry.


What you see above was Chloe's method for picking out the doily she wanted. Quite different from what I anticipated, indeed. She climbed into the box, lifted the kitty toy high and flung the feather onto the pile of doily pattern books causing Twillerbee to come galloping from the other side of the room at full speed and slide across the pile of books. This, in turn, sent one of the books spinning out of the pile and Chloe immediately said, "that one." I picked up the book so she could look inside and she said, "No! That one!". (The one on the cover.)

Next came the biggest mistake I made today. "What color would you like, Chloe?"

"Pink and purple."

I started the pink and purple doily this evening at ballet.


I got two rounds into the doily when that question first popped into my head. "What was I thinking?" After 7 rounds, the notion to discard the doily in the garbage can struck me...and I am not entirely convinced thats such a bad idea.


So, you all know me and weaving in ends. Its a chore I rather, I ask again...What On Earth Was I Thinking???

On a happier note, I started the pinafore today. Now I don't know why I thought I would be able to finish it today. Oh...maybe I do. I forgot today was errand day which lessons my crafting time substantially. But anyways...I did start it and am quite pleased with the progress. Little did I know that I would learn something new in the process. Tucks. They are completely different from pleats. Pleating instructions give you three lines. Two dotted lines and one solid line. You bring the two dotted lines together at the solid line and have a pleat. Tucks, on the other hand, just give you one line. Huh? I called my mom.


She explained as best she could and I finally figured it out. Woo Hoo! I can now sew tucks quite skillfully. So, all I have left is the skirt of the pinafore and then the attachment of about a billion tiny buttons. Okay...slight exaggeration. More like 6-8 buttons. But...that is an awful lot of buttonholes to sew. Anyways, I hope to have something completed tomorrow to show you. A pinafore at least. (because I have a feeling the doily is going to take forever or, quite honestly, might not ever see the light of day again.

I leave you with a picture of packaged cookies!


A dear reader left a wonderful comment about how to package cookies for shipment. These cookies won't budge! If they break...well...James will just have to eat them with a spoon! Have a delightful evening everyone! Smile from ear to ear and eat a piece of chocolate. It will do good for your heart.


Lindy said...

Hope they make it in one piece. No matter what I'm sure he'll be happy to receive them!:)

Lindy said...

parchment paper=amazing! i just had to try it after I saw your cookies. thanks!