Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Monster Gouging Tools

I must apologize for my lack of posts recently.

Life happened.

Chaotic. Tumultuous. Disquieted. Life.

This disruption into my tranquil lifestyle could quite possibly be what stemmed the following decision on my part. A superb decision, mind you...yet curious, none-the-less.

A new friend came over last night for an evening of knitting, tea and pumpkin butterscotch cookies. I splurged and purchased a box of PG Tips tea from the local higher end grocery store for this distinguished occasion. I ventured into the local yarn store to pick up some yarn and needles for a special project.

This project surfaced a time or two on my blog a couple of years ago. (I don't really care to spend the time right now searching through the 600 and some posts to find its location at this moment) I dreamed of the day in the far off future when I would feel comfortable enough with my knitting abilities to tackle such a project. (I see some of you are starting to nod your heads as you recall a couple of knitting projects I mentioned previously...trying to guess which one I am referring to today.) The future arrived yesterday. I decided to start a coat/jacket for myself.

When I inquired about the knitting needles to the clerk her eyes widened. Without a word, she led me over to the wall of needles and placed the largest knitting needles I've ever laid eyes on in my hand. I choked. Size 17! And the sad news is, they didn't carry size 19, which I also needed.

I started said project last night. I envisioned myself gouging the eyes out of a three headed monster as I carefully welded these needles in and out of the chunky yarn. And they recommend these things for beginners?

I actually succeeded in knitting the back last night.


I am not 100% sold on this yarn. I paid $16.25 per ball. The first two balls I round were disconnected at the end, leaving about 10 ft of a yarn scrap left over. BOTH SKEINS. Not what you would expect after paying that much for the yarn in the first place. Oh well. Its a textured wool yarn from Italy. Pretty muted jewel colors which are almost fall like, and yet will still looks decent on me. (I can't wear fall colors, even though I would LOVE to.)

So, I hope to start on the sleeves tomorrow. Pray I don't stab myself...or my daughter. These needles are dangerous.


Debra said...

Great job.. So what pattern are you using?

LadySnow said...

I can't wait to see the progress you make on it! :-)

Lis said...

haha! wait till you see the 19s and even 50s!

one of the reasons for recommending bigger needles to beginners (and quite often solid light colored yarns) is it's easier to clearly see (and often un-stitch) each stitch. ;-)

it's like fat crayons and markers for little kids trying learning to shape images, numbers, and letters.

i usually suggest U.S. sz 8 and 10.5 for someone starting out because that's about the size of a pen/pencil for holding onto and there are gobs of simple projects for them that knit up pretty quickly - hats, scarves, etc.