Monday, November 16, 2009

Precious Thought

Chloe is sick. Poor dear. What doesn't help is that Mama is sick too. Its hard to care for a sick child alone with no energy to even lift your pinky finger. God gives strength to the weary and for that I am grateful. He keeps His promises too. He is GOOD!

Chloe had a temperature before going to bed last night. I gave her some tylenol and sent her to lullaby land. I climbed into bed with my dear little one about 1:30 this morning (yes, I still suffer insomnia even while sick) and when she grabbed my hand in her sleep, I noticed her skin felt like it was on fire. Immediately, my Mommy radar flashed and I jumped out of bed to take her temperature. Yup. High. Even while suffering from lack of sleep and lack of energy and lack of brain cells, I still stayed up with my precious one to get that temp back down. There is no way I could have gone to sleep with her body on fire like it was.

I tried the cool washcloths. She fought that. I took her in the bathtub (which she though was great fun at 2:00 in the morning, let me tell you) and all that managed to do was wake her up further and get her all excited. Its not often Mama wakes you up for an impromptu bath at 2 am. She was NOT going to go back to sleep soon and miss anything else Mama might want to do. Eventually we got the fever down and I drifted off to sleep.

7:00 am and she was on fire again. This time it was worse. I tried to take her temperature again and it registered 102.5 before she yanked it out of her mouth. More than likely, it was higher than that. We worked hard to get it back down again. She is fine now, but boy...that makes for a tired Mama.

During my nursing this morning, a thought flitted through my mind. This is how God feels about us when we are "sick". Okay, probably literally sick too but that's not what I was referring to here. I am talking about those times when we experience spiritual sickness. Depression. Guilt ridden. Down trodden. Sad. Lonely. All those things and more.

So often I picture God as shaking his head and rolling his eyes at me and thinking to himself, "Oh we go again." But you know what? While I was quietly rocking Chloe and telling her the story of the dinosaur shopping for orange juice in the supermarket to get her to calm down, I could see God doing that very same thing with me. He knows when we are sick. He loves us, more than I love my little Chloe. He is patient with us, even when we are screaming our heads off because we don't want to take the medicine He offers us. When I stop jerking my body around, I realize His touch is gentle and kind. He holds me in His arms and whispers His Words into my ear to calm me down.

This morning I realized I need my Savior's nursing. I need His healing in my heart. I need His comfort and His soothing touch. And He is here, ready to administer whatever it is I need. He doesn't get sick. He doesn't get tired. Hey! I am not even keeping Him up too late past His bedtime. My God is good! and kind! and gentle! Have you experienced His healing touch lately?

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Lisa said...

What a beautiful thought and image you presented, Anna. Hope Chloe is feeling much better by now!