Friday, January 08, 2010

Alarm Clock Utilization

Alarm clocks alarm me. I've not found a need for the use of this sleep depriving instrument for years. Recently though, my daughter's internal alarm clock which wakens us both up at precisely 7:30 am failed. With the new year opening up on us, I realized a need to start my mornings earlier than 9:30. For one thing, church begins at 9:30. I need to be up by 7:30 to arrive at church on time. For another thing, I cannot seem to keep up with my chores in the evenings. I accomplish so much more during the morning part of the day. The only trouble is, I hate waking up. Give me a comfy bed and some cozy blankets and I stay there as long as I possibly can.

So, I wiped the dust off the alarm clock and set the time for 7:30. No more waking up late. Woooo Hoooo! Go me! (I say "go me" because this was extremely difficult for me to do. Who would have thought that setting an alarm could be so trying on my system?)

Bigger fans of New Year's Resolutions can be found elsewhere than myself, but I do enjoy making a few "goals" at the start of a new year. Nothing like a fresh clean slate to write on, eh? With that in mind, I wrote out a few "goals" I would like for the New Year. Here are some...

1. Read my Bible every day
2. Meet and converse with 5 "new" people every month (more on this in another post)
3. Pay off debt
4. Declutter sewing/craft room by half (this includes getting rid of stuff or just making projects)
5. finish 6 major projects this year (like that ever elusive tablecloth maybe???)
6. write letters and cards every month (Christmas thank you's would be a wonderful place to start)
7. lose 20 pounds before James arrives home (he has already lost more than that and I aim to keep up with him)

While I understand myself completely and realize that I probably won't ever get all this done, I do think goals are a great thing to have. We must start somewhere, and if we don't make goals, how can we attain anything? So, I am off to school with Chloe and then possibly play in the inch of snow outside and then who knows what. Maybe I will bathe the kitties today. Maybe I will crochet on a sweater, or finish that knitted sweater. I don't know. We will see what happens with this clean slate of mine and the extra two hours my alarm clock gave me.

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Sarah said...

Absolutely great list and an inspiring thing to do!