Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Gift of Submission

I overhead some dear ladies talking at church the other night about this topic. The dreaded topic of submission. The word alone sends sparks of rebellion flashing through my heart. I dread hearing that word.

Or at least I used to. One lady mentioned her thought that maybe submission is a gift from God and not something to dread? My sentiments exactly. I tried to listen further as she began to explain this to a group of baffled ladies. Submission a gift? I didn't catch the rest of the conversation so I am unsure as to how she explained this gift to the group, but I offer my own thoughts here.

I truly believe submitting to our husbands is a gift to women from God. Why? Simple. God has given our husbands the huge task of leading our families. Do you realize how monstrous this task is? They must stand before God someday (before the Almighty God) and answer for every decision they made for our families. Did they follow the Lord as He required? Did they walk in the center of His Will? Did they lead us along in that center?

Let me put it in terms a little easier to understand.

We could move this year if my dearest decides to push for orders. He would love to move to Germany. While I don't mind Germany and can see many advantages to living there, to be honest, I would much rather stay put where I am. I have made that opinion known a few times too. Well, the final decision is James, as leader of our family. He will be the one to stand before God someday and answer for that decision. Did he seek God's will? Did he follow the Lord's direction? Big decision. Huge responsibility.

Another example. Do you all recall when our car broke her engine a few months back? Poor James, having to handle these decisions from halfway around the world. My first impulse was to rush out and purchase a new car and have the clunker towed to a junk yard. I figured all the finances so we could afford it and everything. My husband said, "Wait!" Huh? Why? The car doesn't run and I need a car!!!


Sure enough, after waiting a few days, we found our car still under the factory warranty for the engine and now she sits in my back drive with a brand spanking new engine. Had I not submitted to my husband, we would have been out about $8,000 for a car we didn't need.

So, where is the gift? Well, I don't have to stand before God and give an account for these decisions and where they took our family. (That is, unless I take matters into my own hands and choose NOT to submit.) No. Do you want to know what God will look at when I stand before Him?

Did I submit to my husband?

The weight of the decisions are not my burden to carry. So you see ladies...we got the easy portion of the assignment. Submission. I would much rather be responsible for submitting than to be responsible for all the leadership of the family.

Okay. I am off now to empty the kitty litter, plan the weeks menu and then photograph a very finished red sweater. I will blog at you all later.


LadySnow said...

It's our society that says submission is a terrible thing. Yes, my flesh doesn't want to submit most of the time, but when I is so much better.

Lindy said...

People don't like the word submit, but how many times do they do it and not know it? They submit to games on the computer, time wasting, gossip, you name it and we as a culture submit to it, but don't want to admit it. It's not a giving in, getting walked all over thing that people make it out to be.