Thursday, January 21, 2010

"When Daddy Gets Home

we're gonna......"

I hear those exact words approximately 83 times a day, give or take, followed by whatever it is my daughter has decided we are going to do when James arrives home. Many items on her dream list were promised to her by Daddy himself (although he struggles to remember most of those promises and says I planted ideas in her head, which is absolutely NOT true, mind you) and she has not forgotten them in several months.

I sometimes wonder at her excitement regarding James return. She somehow knows his return is soon. Maybe from my excitement? Maybe she actually gets the concept of the paper chain we made the night before he left? I don't know. But my days are filled with stories of what we will be doing when he arrives. (honestly, the girl will never marry because the rest of her life will be filled with all these things she plans to do with Daddy) Here are some of those items she spouts off most regularly.

"When Daddy gets home we're gonna go the store with the bears and he's gonna help me build a little bear who will be my friend forever."

"When Daddy gets home we're gonna go camping. I love camping."

"When Daddy gets home we're gonna go the store with the number H on it."
(translation: Holiday Inn)

"When Daddy gets home, he's gonna build a little cave for my little lamb and its gonna have a door with a little lock and he's gonna make me a little key so I can lock up my little lamb and its gonna have walls so my little lamb has to sleep inside and its gonna have a floor with some hay so my little lamb can have a bed." (That one she made up. He didn't promise that one before he left. He did, however, tell her on the phone the other day he would help her make the cave. She, of course, has since added all the other criteria to her cave.)

"When Daddy gets home I am gonna show him ALL my toys and he's gonna play with me."

"When Daddy gets home he will play Lego Star Wars with me."

Periodically, Chloe will calmly walk up to me with a sweet smile on her face and say demurely, "Daddy's coming home, Mama." Pause. "And I'm so e-x-c-i-t-e-d!!!" at which point she starts shivering and jumping around.

The tear jerker came tonight though when she announced, "When Daddy gets home I'm gonna lock the door so he can stay with us for forever and never leave again."

I have to say, this is one little girl who loves her Daddy very much. Whether she shows it to anyone else or not that she misses him terribly is a different matter altogether. But I can say, she misses her Daddy 100% and is quite excited that his return is soon. I am quite excited myself, for that matter. And when James gets home...well...we are gonna be busy. ;)


LadySnow said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I can imagine how adorable Chloe looks while saying all these things. :-)

As for my post----I think it depends on what type of granola and such you are eating. I think they are just comparing it to other cereals. I probably won't buy it again anytime soon. But 4 free boxes of cereal to blog about it. That's great with me. :-)

Anna said...

Thanks Melanie. I don't think some people really understand what a sacrifice this military life is for the ENTIRE family, not just the deployed military member. The wives sacrifice. The children sacrifice. James lost half a year of his daughter's life. She is a different little girl than the one he left. We are going to have some major adjustments when he returns home. But our God is faithful and He will unite our home again.