Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning Day 1

We started spring cleaning this morning at approximately 6:34 am. I printed off my detailed cleaning list last night and forced myself to bed instead of starting at 10:14 pm. That was hard. When an idea strikes me, its hard for me to patiently wait until the appointed time to begin said idea (even cleaning). But I figured I would accomplish so much more today on a full nights sleep.

So, cleaning commenced in the kitchen. I began by thoroughly cleaning the fridge. Now I must tell you that when I clean, I really clean. Everything comes out. Everything gets washed in hot, soapy water. All the expired condiments got thrown away. (Did you know mayonnaise expires? I didn't. Apparently mine expired in January of last year. Yikes!) I shift the fridge over and clean underneath. I wipe down the back of the fridge. Yes, I said the back. I am telling you...I really do clean when I clean.

Somewhere in this process I dumped out an entire bucket of chemical infested water (I use cleaners when I spring clean...can't help myself) all over my kitchen floor. Not fun! Not a great way to start a week of spring cleaning. But I managed to hold on to my wits (and emotions) and used every towel in my house to wipe up all water and continued on to the stove.

I ran vinegar water through my coffee maker twice. I cleaned the oven and the stove. Whew! I am beat. Now I am stalling on the rest of the kitchen by spending some time telling you about my morning cleaning adventures. I know you all wanted to hear about each item I cleaned, didn't you?


Well then, here are some observations I have made while cleaning. Maybe you will find that a bit more interesting to read.

1. 1 kitty = x amount of hair + smell
3 kitties = x times x amount of hair + smell
Translation: there is a lot of hair and kitty smell in my house that needs extracted. I believe I pulled enough hair from underneath my fridge to create a good sized rat. Yuck. That's disgusting.

2. It is not a good idea to leave a full bucket of water and cleaning solution directly next to the chair you are using to stand on and reach the top of the fridge.

3. While this cleaning spree is to celebrate James homecoming (soon...very soon), he will probably not notice a lick of it. (He probably won't even remember what the house looked like before he left.)

4. In addition to not noticing, I've got a sneaking suspicion he won't even really care.

Do you think this is gonna stop me? Nope. Because if I don't clean like a banshee, I will surely pine away my days until he returns home. That glorious day just can't get here soon enough. So, I am off now to clean the cabinets. Tomorrow will find me in the living room.


Anonymous said...

Great job, Anna. If you really get bored before James comes home, you could help me Spring clean.


Anna said...

He he. Your funny Kathy. There is a reason why I only do this once a year. :)

I really should take Flylady's advice and zone clean every day, but oh my...there is just something about that one week a year when your ENTIRE home is clean all a the same time.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, spring cleaning. We are hoping to move in a couple of months into our new home if everything works out, so mine will be spring cleaning + moving cleaning. Ugh! Sounds like you did good though!

LadySnow said...

Good for you Anna!

Lea said...

Now that I am here at my moms I want to go home and clean... I always miss my house when I am gone!

Anyhow, what's tomorrows room??

so thankful James will be home soon!